Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 6

Boyd is very good with his younger brothers and sisters.

He now has a guitar to help him with his LTW ... not that he will get to complete it in this house.

Yes Sebastian is still here!!

Brandy is now walking talking and partly potty trained

Happy kids

and cats

Forrest and Red now have a new toy to play with.
He is not earning much wage wise, because he is always on maternity leave 😂
so they now have something else to help them earn more income.
Granma's Canning station.

Each jar they make they are selling for $100

and Forrest decides to test out the apple jam he just made

That is the funniest looking scone I've ever seen
and what an expensive meal!!
He just wasted a $100 jar of jam on that scone!! 😲

Great!!  Sebastian has fleas!!

Thankfully Boo hasn't caught them yet

I am VERY SHOCKED that Sebastian let Boyd give him a flea bath.
I thought I might end up having to kick him out so that he doesn't infest the house with fleas.

Baby number six is on it's way.

Boyd now has a BFF.

soggy bums!

I am beginning to think these two male cats are gay!!

There is no school today because of the snow.

As soon as the full moon appears Forrest and Bee are both turning into werewolves.

I am not sure why his skin is black??!!

AND the kitchen is on fire again!!
Forrest was cooking when he transformed and obviously forgot what he was doing

Red put the fire out with her magic hands.
This time they got a $500 fine for the fire engine coming for nothing ... tut!!!

Bradley is having his birthday.

He gains the Vegitarian trait

Werewolves are noisy creatures, constantly howling at the moon.

Baby bump six has popped

The zombie looks very worried by the werewolf ...

but it's not the werewolf she should have worried about ....
It is the witch who burnt her with the fire spell

Sebastian has now finally gone home.

So Boo finds a new game to play ... terrorising the toddlers!!

I hope he is not going to be making a habbit of doing that!!

Forrest is out trying to get his last nerd star.

I see one of Jazz's Vampire children ... with simplant hair!!

Boo is having his birthday

Forrest goes to the bookstore to buy some comics to help with his nerd building.

He bumps into Tapestry and they have a chat.

I am laughing when Forrest mind melds with Tap!!  I am thinking, he is not getting anything useful out of that head!!
I was right!!  Forrest failed to learn anything new.

Bee is having her birthday finally!!
The full moon held it up for a day - she should have aged up yesterday.
(I guess keeping a sim in werewolf form keeps them living forever!!  Lol!!)

Bee gains the Family Orientated trait

Not the best place to sit down and start reading comic books!!

Boo can play with the toys now he has grown up.
Hopefully now he will leave the toddlers alone!!

Is it me or does that cat have one blue eye and one orange eye?

That is kind of spooky - as I have a sim with odd eyes and exactly the same colours!!

Atlas has been reincarnated as a cat 😂😂


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