Monday, 15 January 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 5

Two cute little fairies

Red getting to level 7 gardening also gains her another celebrity star!!

As usual Dad is doing all the skill teaching

Bee has gone home after school with Jazz's son, Derek.

Jazz and Celeste have three children and a load of kittens -
which has Bee rolling the wish to adopt a cat.

Hello Jazz

Two of the kittens and the Mother are meowing at Bee for attention.
So cute!!

so Dad comes over the road to adopt them a kitten.
This one is called Boo ... so we have him because of his "B" name.

Boo is male
None Destructive and a Hunter

Baby bump number 5 has just popped

The poor thing looked constipated!!

and the witch is happy to have a cat!

and we have a mad cat by the looks of it.
Cats are not supposed to like water!!

Red has hardly done any painting, which is unusual ... this one she has been working on for ages and is only being added to a bit at a time.

Red seems to be playing with her magic more since the cat has been here.

It is snowing outside.

Loraine has come home from school with Boyd again.
They are now best friends

Baylee is having his birthday

he gained the Good Sense of Humour trait

Boyd is also having his birthday

he gains the Supernatural Fan trait

Yes Lorraine ... he is damn cute!!!!

Bee and Baylee keep their big brother busy with bedtime stories

Boyd is earning more money from painting than his Mother is!!

Boyd was cooking breakfast before the school bus turned up.
He ran off and left it to set the kitchen on fire.

Red puts the fire out with an ice spell.

The firewoman turned up and wasn't too happy about the fire already being put out!

Bradley is oblivious of the drama happening in the kitchen

Okay so who are you?!
Lmao ... we have another cat in the house

This is Sebastian Orchid ... he is Tapestry and Crystals cat.

Poor Boo is buried in the snow while he is playing chase with his new cat friend.

Sebastian doesn't look like he has any intention of leaving and is making himself right at home.

Baylee has decided on his Life Time Wish ...
he wants to be a Cat Herder.

Baby number 5 is on its way.

Snow pictures while we wait for the baby bump to hatch

Its a girl.


and they are off to try and make the next one ....
although there are no baby chimes this time

Sebastian is still here

Because Boo is spending so much time with Sebastian, he is not really making friends with anyone in the house.

Bee is the only one who has taken any notice of the snow so far

Brandy has her birthday

Brandy is only a fairy.

Im a little dissappointed that they have all been fairies so far
I am hoping we get some single werewolves and witches a long the way, as well as more hybrids.

Babies 5/24
Boys = 3/12
Girls = 2/12

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