Friday, 29 December 2017

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 4

This chapter is a little scrappy because I played it over a month ago and never wrote it up.
So I've forgotten why I took half of the pictures.



Baylee = "What you doing Mommy?"

Filling the living room up with pumpkins - that's what!!

Everyone is in the fairy house tonight.
I would love to know how many fairy can fit into it!

the pumpkins are everywhere!!

And this is what Forrest thinks of them ... lol!!

Boyd is spending a lot of his time painting

Don't think I didn't hear the baby chimes!!

Red is annoying everyone not just me!!
Boyd is trying to get to the toy oven to cook himself some food

Oven moved and now he is happily cooking.

it is none stop fairy house parties in this house

Red has been out collecting

She found a Tiberian rock ... which will earn them some serious money

The spire and piece of gem dust are now outside ... growing

man she is driving me cuckoo!!

Boyd's painting

Boyd has set that trap for Red
It is amusing that they call their victim and watch

He didn't stick around after she got wet ... but she chased him down to scold him.

I think Red has lost the easel

Rocky's cat has flees

and now so does Red ... lol

Baby bump has popped

Someone needs a shower before she infests the whole house with fleas!!

Notice Forrest is doing all the training!!

he gets an opportunity to earn some money by making friends with Chace

Tap and Crystal are killing me!!
It is none stop baby production - and their relationship is still on the rocks!!

Vanilla is now a teen

Im not sure Forrest and Chace are ever going to friends ... he is hard work.
I think the vampire and werewolf thing kept getting in the way.

yeah everyone is still getting his fairy pranks

I have to laugh .... Forrest wanders into the gym where there is a laundrette and does the washing
what a waste of $60!!!!

now he wants to buy a bath!!

Bee is at home having her birthday

Watching her daughter transform into a werewolf had her flaking out!

The first of the Tiberium bits has grown.
It was worth $6,999 it is now worth $35,466

Forrest is still in the gym

not bad is it for a guy who can not even get a promotion from level 1 of his career!!

Me and my Pap!!!
These two are now best friends.

I think the deer has worked out where they are hiding the plants!!

Baylee didn't get an IF doll.

I think Forrest has a bath fettish - the second it was down - he is in it!!

Rocky and Lacey's daughter has come home from school with Boyd.

Red = "Forrest sort your kid out!!!  She has got no table manners!!"

The second piece has grown.
It was a $25 gem dust ... its now worth $33,603
They seriously have no money worries now ... so it doesn't matter if Forrest never goes to work again!!

Forrest now has a games console so he can Nerd build to his hearts content sitting on the couch

Stupid me ... Forrest nearly had a birthday because his werewolf age span is the prodomant one.
He does not get the luxury of the long fiary life span even though he is one!!

Red is out trying to buy a potion to keep him young ... lol

None in stock so she has to get to work learning how to make one.
The baby however has other ideas!

Baby four ... boy number 3

I am getting annoyed now ... Forrest was on his way to work, for his third day.
The baby arrives and he returns home.  He has ANOTHER four days off.
Seriously is SP giving him maternity leave??


While Boyd and Bee are having a fairy house party
Their parents are in there woohooing ... tut!!!

Chase and Kandices child comes trick or treating.

Red has now got an alchemy station -
so she can learn how to stop Forrest becoming a wrinkly old man.

Forrest has been in the bath again ... but don't ask me why he is walking around the house naked  😂

Yeah I guess it would be very distracting for Red!!!

Ridiculously quick again ... Baby chimes!!

so baby five is on the way.

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