Sunday, 21 January 2018

Candy Door 3 - Update 6

Sammy is definitely an attention seeker!!
If he isn't getting the attention inside, he has the paps to pester.

Everytime I see Saffron he has his toddler with him.
Saffron and Mint have just had their second child.

$507 she earned for this one

We have four birthdays today


He has gained the Animal Lover trait


She gained the Green Thumb trait


He gained the Over emotional trait


she gained the Virtuoso trait

woohoo ... finally I caught a stretchy child picture ... lmao

Jessie is straight out into the garden putting her new trait to use.

Jake is working out straight away.

Jude seems to be rolling a lot of cat wishes at the moment ... so Sammy now has a new toy.

He wanted to play with sammy and the wall dancer.
something else I have never seen before!!

My hubby always gets that job too!!
Poop scooping.

Another game painting

Now that Josh is old enough ... he is also making friends with Sammy.

He is an animal lover and has decided on his LTW, which I have locked in ... Cat Herder. 

$450 for this one.

Josie wants to learn the guitar skill, so she now has a guitar.
Candy and Jude hardly touch theirs!!

Josie has decided on her LTW ... One Sim Band

Candy suddenly wants to be best friends with Adam.
So they are chatting a lot on the phone

Jude is now a Pastry Chef.
His reward ..... the professional food mixer ... lol
I was hoping it would be the professional fridge ... but no.

Jude confuses me a little.  He comes out of work and sits down chatting with someone on a lap top.
A lap top that he suddenly just seemed to have aquired, because I didn't buy it and he didn't have it when he moved in.

It is Red he is chatting to.

It looks like someone has lost their pram!!

Now Red is phoning Jude.

Oh dear ... they are talking about art!
She is coming after Jude ... I just know it!!

Yes Jude .. you are late for work!!
He didn't leave until after he finished his painting

Mitchell amuses me -
every time I see him he is always flirting with somone elses wife and not his own!!

$515 for this one

HEEEEEEEYYY!!  You have a scratch post for that!!

Ungrateful creature!!

Seriously there only seems one thing on every ones mind at the moment!!

Jake you are too young to be thinking about babies!!

Josie gets a phone call off Dara ... asking her to prom.

and here was me hoping she would be girlfriend material for Jake ... tut!

Candy and Jude have been terrible since they became mature adults.
The woohoo train is constantly rolling!!

Jake is sending a love letter to Florence Leaf

Innocence .... my ASS!!

 I am howling!!!
Jude rolls a wish to cook the cat more gourmet food .... which Sammy is waiting impatiently for.

The cat is stood there CONSTANTLY meowing

Yes it's chicken ... Sammy can obviously smell it!!

Dara has turned up to take Josie to prom

I notice she is a plant like her parents ..... and Marty has made a half decent looking girl for a change!

SERIOUSLY Jude ... do you EVER think about anything else??!!
He waits impatiently for Candy to finish painting!

Just keep staring at the computer screen Jake!!

OMG ... That Cat!!!!


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