Monday, 22 January 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 11

Melanie asks Bradley to hang out but when he got there she was not in.

Russell looks just like his Dad Jazz.  Russell is Bee's current boyfriend

Later Melanie is invited round, because Bradley suddenly starts rolling wishes about her.

I am pretty shocked when everything goes crazy because they share the same star sign and have identical traits all but one.

Melanie = Brave - Vegetarian - Virtuoso - Loves the Cold - Artistic 
Bradley =  Brave - Vegetarian - Virtuoso - Loves the Cold - Ambitios

Needless to say .... Bradley's wishes start rolling like a slot machine.
He wants everything!!

A baby wasn't one of the wishes but it looks like they have gone and done it anyway!!

wait till they realise what they have done!!! LOL!!!

The twins are having there birthday


and where is Button??!!

and up she pops out of the pile of washing!!

Button is having her birthday

Lets just woohoo to celebrate!!
while Buttons stands there and watches them!!

Brook is also having her birthday

She gains the Good Sense of Humour trait

Buttons gained the Eco Friendly trait

Buttercup gained the ... mmm I forgot to write it down (cringe)

Melanie is a vampire ... which always makes me nervous because visiting ones seem to have a habit of dying on me!!  So she has been moved in.

They are a really cute couple


and Married

Baylee is now married to Hayley Orchid.

Even though they already have a Grandchild, both Red and Forrest  wish to become a Grandparents.

Which is coming a lot quicker than they think!!
Baby sick

Poor Bradley ends up peeing himself because he can not get near the toilet for pregnant women throwing up!!

I love Melanie ... she randomly sits down and starts to teach Benji to talk

because his Mother is too busy planting carved pumpkins all around the house and his Dad is too busy doing the housework!!

After messing with SP - Forrest no longer gets paternity leave now ... I hope!!
So going to work should become a regular thing.

Which leaves Red to teach Benji how to walk

The two baby bumps pop minutes apart.

Bradley is happy to have a baby on the way

the matching maternity dresses just cracked me up!!

Forrest has news of his own .... he got a promotion today.  He is now a Toddler coach.

Yeah I bet he got a promotion ... Kandice must have been happy to see him at work!!!

Watching all the fairies flying to school bus is like watching a swarm of bees.

as usual Red has only done half a job and Forrest has to finish his walking.

I am cracking up ... it is paying Forrest to have his Boss obsessed with him, because every time he is now going to work he is coming back with another promotion.

and she is off with the turning people into toads wishes

of course both of the paps outside get it

Blade is a cute kid!

His phone is always ringing off the hook too.
This time Baylee is phoning him for a chat.

You can't miss Red and Forrests paps now with their toad heads!!

This group influence LTW is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
He is still 1 star away from maxing the Nerd group and it doesn't matter how much he plays video games, reads comics and socialises with other nerds doing nerd stuff, the last star doesn't seem to be coming!!

There is no graduation coming for Bradley and the baby is due later today.
So I move him and Melanie out and into their own house before the baby arrived. 
They are now living next door to Jazz and Celeste, Melanies parents.

Benji is all trained ready for the new baby to arrive.

Brandy and Chin Chan are getting flirty with each other.

From here the game started playing up.  It keeps freezing and crashing
After a few resets it seemed to settle itself down a little.

Boyd is hysterical - he is like the pied piper with 5 cats following him and he is carrying one

They are both having to work on the garden, there are way too many plants planted.  Red is already missing her gardening helper now that Bradley has moved out.

Tacie and Chin Chan have come home after school

The baby is coming, but nobody is paying the slightest notice to Red screaming the house down .....

because Brandy is having her birthday

She gained the Avant Gard trait

LTW = Celebrated 5 Star Chef

and baby number 12 is a girl

Forrest = "ANOTHER fairy!!!  When am I going to get me another werewolf?!"
Good question Leafy, at the rate it is going, probably never!!

and Bradley and Melanie had a baby girl who is called Tammie

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  1. Ooooh, 6 of each! Tied up at the halfway point at least.. looking good!