Monday, 20 November 2017

The Leaf Baby Boom - Update 3

Boyd is not bothered about the arrival of his new baby sister.

But I am squealing!!!!!

Bee is showing on Boyds friends list as the same colour as her Dad.
She is a hybrid Werewolf / Fairy

and she has the ears!!!

Werewolf toddlers are just the CUTEST!!!!
But when they have fairy wings too they look all the more cuter!!!

One minute she looks like a cute little fairy toddler

The next she is scratching up the furniture like a dog cat!!
How do you house train werewolf toddlers ... lmao!!
There goes another chair!!!!

Forrest is doing a 4 hour work for a celebrity opportunity.
Not that he needs to - he is a 3 star celebrity already - it is growing quietly on its own.
His athletic skill is at level 9.

Finally we see Tapestry
I have seen everyone now.

Autumn has come.

Forrest is teaching Bee to talk

while Red is out selling four apples to Jazz as part of an opportunity.
He is off his head!!  £1,200 he gave her for FOUR APPLES!!!  What do they cost in the shop - something like $4 each!!  He must have money to waste!!

I have to laugh when I see Crystal with a huge baby bump.
I am continuously seeing pop ups about hers and Tapestry's relationship going down the swanny, because they need to talk more and Crystal needs to get her act together.
They are not talking ... but they are managing to make babies!!
Well I HOPE it is Tapestry's baby!!!

I am thinking that Forrest should quit his job and be the stay at home parent and Red should be the one to go out and earn their income.

They are doing a better job when their current rolls are reversed.  Forrest is actually doing a lot of the skill training and interacting with the toddlers autonomously while Red has to be FORCED to do anything with her children, as per usual!! 

And while Forrest is still earning his $78 a day, Red is earning his lifetimes wages in just a few hours of searching and selling collectables.  Wild flowers some of them are worth $600 each and some of the birds are $1,000 each.
$4,0000 she earned from collecting flowers today - while he earned $78!!!

Baby sick ... or was that because she just ran out of the haunted house?!

I am seeing pee puddles everywhere ....
JAZZ or should I say Jazzpeeberry is in town!!!

Pumpkin overload on the way!

No Tap!!!  That isn't how you are supposed to push a pram!!

As autumn is here the plants outside will soon be dormant until spring.
So they now have a "greenhouse" so they can carry on growing.

The third baby bump has popped.

and the pumpkin overdose has started already.

Crystal phones Forrest for a date ... lol
He said NO!!  obviously!!

That is a strange one.

Damn deer has demolished the garden and left us with just one tree!!!

Boyd will be needing a bedroom later.
It was cheaper to buy a fairy house than build him a bedroom!

There is only one thing to do with poison apples ... turn them into something else

I have to laugh at Forrests work uniform ... a doctors outfit!
Can you believe this is only his SECOND day of going to work since he started the job.

Bee = "Bye Daddy!"
Boyd = "You know what that means don't you sis!"
Bee = "No what?"
Boyd = "She is going to neglect us for the rest of the day!!"

She has got 10 pumpkins in her inventory ... so expect to see all of them scattered about the place!

The toddlers ... even though they seemed happy being outside.
I had to move their toys inside when I saw Red changing them both into their outdoor wear ... because it is getting cold.

The full moon is out.

and so are the zombies!

Boyd is having his birthday

He gained the Cat Person trait

Forrest is back from work and joins Bee ... they are both howling at the moon.
Annoyingly he came out of work 3 hours early ... I think the full moon forced him out to transform.  So now he is skipping work and his work performance has taken a nose dive!!  I don't think he is EVER going to get a promotion.

and the apple tree has had it!!

That face just cracks me up!!

It looks like Red and Forrest are the ones in the fairy house tonight!

Boyd is off to his first day at school

Someone has been spending her reward points and now has magic hands.

Daddies shiney eyed fairy.

Baby is coming.

Baby number three ...

another boy.

3 babies
Boys = 2 
Girls = 1



  1. OMG, werewolf fairy! Your update just made my day! Too cute!

  2. Gah, left us hanging without a baby name or anything! LOL