Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Leaf Baby Boom - Update 2

Baby boy number 1


Forrest now has 3 days off work - which isn't good.
He is stuck on his $78 a day with no promotions ... this isn't going to build them a decent home!!

Boyd inherited the fairy occult.
He has his Dads hair and wings and his Mom's eyes and skin

Yes Boyd, your Dad is behaving very strangley!!!
He is rolling baby wishes like a maniac for a start, even faster than the baby machine herself!! 
Mr I used to Dislike Children is definitely up for this challenge!!

While Forrest teaches Boyd to talk.
Red goes to the grocery store to sell her first fruit and veg harvest.

Way to throw out a spoiler ... sometimes I'm am idiot!!  Why did I even put her into this file?!
Vanilla (Tapestry's daughter and 3rd Gen Heir) is still a toddler in TCE .. so she is being seen for the first time here as a child.  (Not even I had seen her past toddler age yet).

Seriously ..... don't break my heart!!!!

(cough) and if you are wandering what the - dl is after their names - it means downloadable and I use it in my sim bin so I know which ones to upload - and I'm an idiot for forgetting to remove it before I dropped them into my game!!)

Talk of the devil .......

After a chat with Crystal she goes to speak to Jazz

Red decides to show the big nasty vampire her fairy bite strength

I think she is soooooo in trouble!!!

but the vampire does a runner!!!
Now who's the fairy?!
You let me down Jazz ... I expected to see you pee yourself!!!!

I am leaving them to autonomous woohoo ... because she never needs my help with that - lmao!

Seriously I feel like pulling Forrests wings off already!!!

To distract him from fairy pranking, he goes out to improve his Nerd influence.
His brother in law Alpine, is showing as a nerd, so he goes to nerd build with him.

No Leafy ... I think high fives is for another social group .. lol

The monster under Grim's doormat is trying to eat Forrest's pap

but she escapes and lives to stalk Forrest for another day!

Yes Boyd received one of those damn dolls!!!

Cute pair of love birds.

The paps do come in useful sometimes, beside them being the but of all Forrests fairy pranks, they are helping with the garden!!!  They keep talking to the crystal plants and helping to recharge them.

more nerd building .... showing gross video's

and the potty training begins.

Forrest drops the contents of the potty that he was just emptying and taking to the bin.
Which makes me wander .... just what has that little boy been eating!!!!

the second baby bump just popped

Red is out collecting again.

You watch he doesn't bite your face ... and don't drop him, he's worth $800!!!  Think new cooker!!

oh boy ... he has now progressed to Hot head
Those paps are taking a hell of lot of stick from him!!!

Red returns home with $8,420 which she got for selling all the stuff that she collected.
Not bad for a few hours of running around town ... who needs a full time job!!!

Boyd's doll has a better house to live in than he does!!

Boyd is now walking, talking and potty trained

So much for the wildlife deterrent gnome!!!
The deer gobbles up the love crystal - but I guess it is not good for red to have that, if she uses it on anyone she will probably be cheating on Forrest!!

The fairies have been in the night and spent a lot of the money Red made yesterday, building them a bigger home.

a new (cheap) kitchen

and the only thing Forrest gets excited about .... the second baby cot!!

He is a really cute Dad now he has lost is child phobia!!

You broke them ... you fix them!!!

I see Alpine acting very strangely outside Jazz's house.

It looks like he has a zoo in his pocket .. lmao!!!
He is talking to his animals.

Rocky and Lacey have another baby bump growing

and so do Chase and Kandice
I think the whole town is doing the baby boom challenge with me - lol

That is what he thinks of his own cooking.
Well he was stupid enough to eat half of it after it turned bad on him!!

and that is what she got for laughing at him puking!!

The photobooth is rocking!!

While Red is sleeping, Forrest is out nerd influence building at the local hangout.
Playing on the arcade machines.

Don't ask me why I built that .... it felt like a good idea at the time!

He is now playing with the bonfire ... another Nerd thing.

Red is arguing with the rage plant

The werewolf wants to fight with a vampire.
So he goes over the road to the house where there are two living.
Celeste is pregnant again so he TRIES to start a fight with Jazz.

He growls, insults and tries to scare him

he just got a whack over the head for his troubles

He didn't get his fight with a vampire!
Jazz left, he had to go to work and Forrest made me laugh ....
he autonomously went upstairs to feed their baby!!   He has suddenly become baby obsessed!!

and he has the manners of a dog
seriously he was licking the sausage and my mind went off into another dimension!!


He is making really good friends with this pap in particular.
His name is Johnathon.

Well that was disappointing!!  He didn't even flinch!!

Jazz is taking his little vampire boy for a walk.

I doubt Forrest will ever get to fight with Jazz ... they are making really good friends instead!
I guess he will have to pay Chace and Kandice a visit instead, they are also vampires.

Get out of that arcade machine Leafy ... you are needed at home!!!

Baby number two has just arrived.
A girl this time.


Yes I fixed her skin (cringe)
She arrived looking more like a pea!!
I seriously hate the colour sliders!!

BABY CHIMES coming from the shower  ALREADY!!!!
Bee isn't even an hour old yet!!

So we have baby number three on the way!!

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  1. Hahahaha, Red will keep your house nice and full with Forest! I can't wait to see how Bee ages up! I bet she's adorable!