Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Leaf Baby Boom - Update 1

To celebrate Boolprop's 12th birthday ... we have the Boolprop Baby Boom Challenge.
The goal is to create 24 babies with one couple ... 12 boys and 12 girls to complete the challenge. 
The rules for which are found  >>>HERE <<<


 Okay so I sat for nearly a week trying to work out which couple to use for this  and ..........

In walk Red and Forrest Leaf!! (Cringe)

YES I know she has just done a 100 baby challenge, which Forrest played a part in, but she IS the best person for this job!!  And Forrest, I am just addicted to his genetics and overly obsessed with him right now!!  So any excuse to get more cute babies out of him!!  (cough!)

Secretly I started this challenge, over a week ago, with another couple and couldn't get past the second baby - I just couldn't get into them or the challenge!!

I am using my ugly looking (from an ariel view)  Lost Island world ... it got me through a 100 baby challenge in just one file, so it should handle this challenge without a problem, although I have set NRASS SP on it - so it could do anything.  Im using the Rainbow Babies town set up - but all the community lots have had a face lift and some new ones have been added.

I have only placed FIVE other houses in town with five of my legacy couples.
Kandice and Chase Swan .... from SWAN Wishacy.
Alpine and Meadow Forrest ... Tapestry and Crystal Orchid ... Jazzberry and Celeste Charm from Through Colourblind Eyes Rainbowacy.
Rocky and Lacey Giggs/Ugli - from Ugli Wishes Wishacy and TCE.

Wow ... Slow down guys!!!!  This isn't a race!!!

They landed in the file as a married couple ... so yeah, the first thing they are doing is heading to the bedroom ....
The very first thing on Red's predictable mind ... trying for a baby!!!

Notice Forrest's shiny eyes??!!
I thought I would have some hybrid fun with this challenge. 
Forrest is a Fairy and Werewolf while Red is a Fairy and Witch. 
So three occults have the possibility of coming out in their children and I hope a few hybrids!!

(Their fairy occult is their life extender so they can live long enough to complete this challenge.)

After buying the lot ... they could only afford a small windowless roof.

a few essentials and a few items to keep them occupied.

and we are off with the BABY CHIMES!!!
The baby machine strikes again!!!

Forrest = "What kind of dump is this?" 
Red = "The only dump we could afford!!"

That's right Leafy, you check out your new house AFTER you have got your leg over!!!!

I have changed some of their triats.
Forrest has had his Dislike Children removed and its been replaced with Family Orientated. 

Traits = Genius - Athletic - Neat - Perfctionist - Family Orientated.

His Life Time Wish is no longer World Renown Surgeon (which I am sick of) he has a more interesting one.
Reach Max Influence with All Social Groups. (Which I discovered for the first time recently, and seriously want to complete.)

Red is back to her normal self, she has lost the red skin - but I have replaced her green eyes with red ones, because they are the same colour as Forrests.  She also has her Hopeless Romantic and Supernatural Fan traits back.

Traits = Family Orientated - Hopeless Romantic - Artistic - Over Emotional - Supernatural Fan.

and for the most part I will try not to play this wishacy - which is the biggest challenge for me.  As I am too set in my ways and FORGET myself.  Besides my game always spits out a lot more boys than girls for some strange reason .... so I am predicting this is going to be a long and frustrating challenge for me!!

Forrest wants to try out his Werewolf form

SERIOUSLY Forrest!!!!
I thought only cats scratched up the furniture!!

They DID have a couch!!
Now it is unusable and will cost £125 to repair / replace it ... which they can't afford!!

Nice one Leafy!!!  Tut!!

Forrest goes off to the Sports Stadium to get himself a job.  He wants a sports career.
His Sister Meadow, also works at the stadium.

(Forrest and Meadow are the only two related sims in town)

I lost him for most of the day while he practiced golf and  played with the football net, behind the stadium.

Less than 24 sim hours into the challenge .... we have baby sick!!

Jazz and Celeste our out and by the bookstore.
I'm worried from the off, Jazz passed out on the floor ... thankfully it was only because of a lack of sleep!!  They are both vampires - so they shouldn't be out in the sun.

Which reminds me - I've got all four seasons set on 10 days, all weather is off except snow, and for once there is a 10 day full moon cycle, because I'm playing with a werewolf.

Making a start on her witch skills.
I wander if Forrest is going to get a dose of her usual witch treatment ... she just LOVES turning everyone into frogs!!

She has to go to the elixir store to learn the alchemy skill.

They have an all in one Consignment / Elixir / Bott shop.
(which I thought I'd taken a picture of - but I didn't!)

She is harvesting a few things from outside, to plant in her own garden.

Make sure you wash away those fleas dog!!!!

While Red is planning to earn money from painting, gardening and collecting
On top of his job, Forrest can go hunting to help boost their income.

a $4 bug .... way to get rich quick!!!

I'm not joking .... Forrest has a celebrity star already!!!
He used the running machine earlier and got his Athletics skill up to level 3 - I think that is how he earned his star (and where I think SP is stupid!!)

You burnt those!!!

The first baby bump has popped.

Forrest has just discovered he can play fairy pranks .... that back fired on him.

Finally she finishes her first painting $4 ....
at the rate they are going, I doubt they will even be able to buy that kid a teddy bear!!

She makes a start on the gardening

then goes out to scower the town for collectable things to sell.
They need some quick money ... they have baby stuff to buy.

he is seriously not very good with these pranks ..... they are all coming back on him.

and yeah the woohoo is none stop - they are already working quickly towards level 2 woohoo skill

Red just got her first celebrity star ... and all she is doing is painting!!!!  Tut!!

Lacey walks by with a baby bump

Maniac athlete .... he is now at level 6
He seems to be skilling up at supersonic speed - I wander if that is anything to do with the Fairy and or werewolf occult?!

It is 2 am in the morning and she is sun bathing!!!
One way to keep an eye on your man when he has a female pap following him, I guess!!!

Crystal also has quite a large baby bump.
I think all five women in town are now pregnant.

They are living on hot dogs at the moment.
I think he is yet to discover he can eat those sausages raw!!

Forrest, who has woohoo on his mind, is so bored waiting for Red to finish her gardening...
he is cooking just for the sake of it. and something to do.  Those hot dogs go straight into the fridge.

Oh yeah .......... I forgot about the other resident in town!!!
The Grim Reaper!!

He lives in a house next to the Science lab, so he is Red and Forrests neighbour.

I must need my head kicking putting The Door of Life and Death in town ...
but as long as Forrest and Red don't knock on it ... hopefully it will cause some entertainment.
The monster under the doormat just loves eating paps and zombies!!

Wayhay!!!  Finally he did it!!!

The Pap was not impressed and kicked off at Forrest.

Forrest = "You think that was bad, next time it will be my werewolf teeth that get you!!"

Baby number one is coming.

They go off to the hospital.
I'm a little amused to sit watching a baby production line.

Red comes out with their first boy.

Shortly followed by Lacey with hers and Rocky's new baby

and in walks Crystal

Hello Rocky

and out Crystal comes with her first baby.
She was alone ... so I don't know where Tapestry is.

Welcome to my Baby Boom Challenge ... lol!!!


  1. Heh the whole town is doing the baby boom challenge. ;)

  2. Lol I agree with Snazzle... collectively you'll have this challenge done in a week or so I'd bet if we were counting ALL the ladies! Hahah!
    I'm not complaining though about Red and Forest, they're a good lookin' duo! I can't wait to see all the genetics that come out of it! We already got a taste with 100 Babies, let's see more!
    Maybe some hybrids too... Hmm...

    1. I'm glad you dont mind!! I seriously need to get my Forrest obsession out of my system. I do plan to use him and Caramel to do a Perfect Genetics - but he wont be around for long (1 generation) so this is a good way for me to have more Forrest overdose.

  3. Hybrids will be a fun way to change things up - I'm really hoping we can see a werewolf with fairy wings howling!

    1. It is VERY funny you saying that ........ go look at update 2.