Thursday, 2 November 2017

Candy Door 3 - Update 5

The portrait of Sammy didn't turn out too good ... so she sold it

 I am really surprised that none of them have wished to adopt a kitten yet!!

The baby is coming

They come out of the hospital with just one little boy this time.


Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Brave

Sammy tickled me ... he actually went home for a short time.
The kids were at school and Candy and Jude went to the hospital ... so when the house was empty he went home.

Not long after they returned from the hospital with Josh ... Sammy came back

Seriously this cat is cracking me up!!

Dora Keaton (one of Marty and Red's triplets)
has come home from school with Jake.

Jake and Dora are best friends ... I presume from school.

I am amused by this .... they have only just got divorced

Josh is human ... so he doesn't have any witch in him

and FINALLY .... Sammy decides to go back home!!

 Candy wanted to buy a tree house.
The minute it is down ... Jude wants to woohoo in it!!

Jude now wants to learn the gardening skill, so Candy is getting some help with the garden.

and the skill training starts.

Josh is hiding in the toybox ...
probably from his parents because he is sick of them trying to teach him stuff.

Look who has got ANOTHER baby bump!!
I clock Cello running out of the gym where she has just come from ... and I wander!!

Level 5 cooking and he is still burning most stuff!!

It is a good job those kids are too engrossed in their homework to watch what their parents are doing!!

It is quite cute ... Jake and Dora are always chatting on the phone.
She phones him a lot. (Future girlfriend maybe)

Isn't that a game picture??!!

Guess who is back ... lmao!!
He has been gone for nearly 24 hours and he comes back again

Well blow me down!!
They now have TEN children together ....

Candy FINALLY remembers her LTW and wants to make some new friends.

Surprisingly Maize is still single in this life time, when he is the town Gigalo.

Those stabilizers always amuse me!

Strange staring competition

You know what that silly fool has gone and done don't you!!!
Marty has REMARRIED Red!!!
Fooled by the fact she has had his babies again!!

Candy still seems to have a thing for getting Marty's autograph every time she sees him.

But Marty still won't talk to her ... she is only a 4 star celeb ... since when has Marty been such a snob!!??

Mitchel and Layla have ANOTHER baby on the way ... they have six kids already!!

Adriana .. one of Forrest and Caramel's kids
(Don't you just hate default hair!!)

Me and my BFF!!!
Sammy only has one of the triplets left now to make his BFF - everyone else in the house is.

Candy gets to know Adam .. because she wants to be his friend.
I haven't seen Anton ONCE in this lifetime lol

Candy is now level 8 paining and Jude is level 7

$724 she earned for this one

I don't think Sammy likes baths and showers ... lol
He gets to sleep on Jakes bed because he is sleeping in the tree house

Jude's paintings mostly are still going on the wall ...
now they both want to decorate the walls with 15 paintings.

$306 she earned for that one

How cute is this!!
Jessie and Jake are sat having a chat in the tree house

Seriously Jude it is not that bad (choke)

Such excitement ... lmao!!
All because Sammy is playing with a toy mouse

Josh is now using the potty chair all on his own.
He only has his logic block left to learn

Jude is having his birthday
NO Midlife Crisis!!

I keep seeing Sammy thinking that a lot.
I wander if it means - he does not want to go

He is now marking and BFF's with everyone in the house
except Josh ... but I don't doubt that will come.

I had to reset the town.
Ever since Candy and Jude woohoo'd in the tree house - everytime they have try to woohoo since it glitches out and they fly outside.
The reset fixed the problem ... but of course it sent Sammy home.

Candy's first duplicate.

It is Saturday and the triplets are all at the park together

Safron and Mint only have the one child

 Maize is still single in this life ... just like his first life - bless him!!

Jessie makes friends with Bilbo and River Grape

$429 she earned for this one

and when I get back from watching the kids in the park .....
Sammy is back again!!
This cat is cracking me up!!

Just incase you think I'm talking rubbish ...
because I am struggling to believe this cat is only visiting and doesn't actually live here myself!!

Josh is nearly there with his logic block

Candy is having her birthday
Unlike Jude, she IS having a Midlife Crisis.

Bless!!  Too much logic has wacked him out!

This pap is a really nice friendly guy ... everyone in the house is making friends with him

even Sammy

Ha!  They both want another child!

Good luck with that one!!
10% Risky ... I doubt you are sneaking past it a second time!!


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