Thursday, 19 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 3

Candy is spending A LOT of time out and away from home ... so that rat is being pretty neglected.

Last time she satisfied her love of the outdoors gardening ...
this time she is staying out and not coming home if she can help it.

She holds her first vaccination clinic in the park
Strange looks and waves going on between Candy and Forrest ...
I guess because they have been chatting on the phone a lot lately.






She managed to vaccinate 19 sims before the time ran out.

HOW CUTE is that kitten!!

When I go to adopt them they are always drabby grey (pout)
Even though she fed it a treat, it didn't get her wanting one.

I think Candy is addicted to hugging Plum!!
She has to make another trip to the consignment store just to give him a friendly hug. 

I hoped she might wish for something romantic - but she doesn't!!

more logic building

Forrest is getting a little stalker-ish .... he keeps phoning Candy for a chat a few times a day, as well as keep sending love letters and gifts.

She now has 10 friends already.

She wants to learn the guitar skill

And just like last time - Cello and Mallow are constantly rocking the photo booths.

Candy has had another promotion - she is now a Medical Intern.
She gets to know Carlton a little, but I don't think they are going to be very good friends.

Yeah I would cry too if she was my Mother and she called me Elvis!!
Poor kid!!

Mmm .... jamming with Saffron makes them friends

Not a good day at work ... she over slept and was late for work.

Turmeric and Mint have three children already.

Candy has another vaccination clinic, this time in the cemetery.

Shame she didn't load that one with weed killer!!

Red:  "Duck!"

Candy:  "Ouch!! Now I am going to get a black eye!!"
Red:  "Well I did tell you to duck!"

Every time I see Red she has one of Forrests toddlers with her, and she always dumps them down and wanders off and leaves them.

Everywhere I look there are pregnant women

Oh look ... and here come another two more!

Candy's sudden love for playing the guitar is helping her to make friends quite easily without the normal effort of having to keep talking to them all - lol

Maize is keeling over outside the Bistro

This time she did manage to get there on time and give him the medical assistance that he needed.

Another jamming session that went on into the middle of the night.

Without even going home to sleep, she is called away from her jamming session into the hospital for an emergency at 4am in the morning.
But it did earn her another promotion - she is now a resident.

Too knackered to go home - she naps on the bench.

three times before she is fit to get up again!!

Notice the photobooth is rocking again in the background .... lmao
They do have beds at home - honest!!

Don't ask me what that was all about!!
The orb of Answers - the one and only time she has picked it up.

(Nev - she isn't playing with this at all!!)

Carlon calls her for a date (tut!)
He is spoken for (engaged to and has babies with Juniper) - but she goes anyway

I don't know why he bothered phoning her - because they really don't like each other at all.
They hung around together just long enough for a staring contest and that was that.

Her Marty autograph obsessiveness is cracking me up!!
Every time she sees him she is after an autograph.

She tries to get to know Edwin, but he is more interested in taking her photo

Blueberry is keeling over outside.

another satisfied customer patient.

There is a party at Mulberry's house apparently that Candy is invited to.
No Mulberry or any other guests.

Only Ice is home with 3 of their 5 children (cough)

Pineapple tries to talk to her ... but she ignores him too busy losing money on the slot machine.

I am a little surprised that she has not paid much interest in Pineapple - I started an ISBI with Candy that two meteors put an end too.  She went for him in that - she isn't bothered about him in this.

Sorry T, not in this life either apparently.
Turmeric and Mint are too into each other I think ... they are on the baby train with 4 children already!!

Seriously I don't know what is going on with Candy and Forrest,
They have become best friends SOMEHOW and it is all getting a little close to turning into something.

As far as I know they only have one trait in common and probably their star sign.

Seriously - if she rolls a date or kiss wish he will be ditching his other two women, moved in and making babies before either of them can blink (hee hee) but she doesn't (pout)

She would much rather eat fish and chips again!
She orders the same thing every time she comes here which is comical - especially as it is not her favourite food.

I have seen her carrying around all of the triplets now.

Marty you are a mug for even putting up with her rubbish!!

He doesn't look a happy bunny does he!!

Finally Candy and Saffron collide properly.

I am a little surprise there are no fireworks this time ... not even a heart fart!!

I think we can safely say that Candy and Saffron will not be happening this tine!!

and this is why ..

this is the Saffron I know and love!!

Oh deer!!

NO!!!  I am not letting you buy one of these machines!!!
I love ignoring their wishes sometimes!

She goes home with a teddy and few toys for the toy box ... that she doesn't have yet!


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