Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 2

Today is Leisure Day, so she is off work, trying to improve her logic skill.

Candy seems to be playing with her magic a lot more this time, and keeps wanting to convert something - so all the apples that she is conjuring are coming in useful.

She has now got a special seed ...
life fruit - money tree - death flower or forbidden fruit.  I wander which one of those it is!
She doesn't have any interest in gardening yet - so I guess I have a long wait to find out.

I am very amused to see Plum is the food merchant AGAIN in this life, like the last.

She wants to make friends with him .. which is very easily done.
I suspect he is the most compatible sim in town for her.

She is at the consignment store because she wants to learn the alchemy skill

and play chess, which she can't do at home because she doesn't have a computer yet.

Maize is the consignment store merchant.
I am not sure why he is snivveling like he is broken hearted!!

He is over emotional - but that is a little over the top.

Mulberry and Ice being cute

There seems to be a lot of graduations going on at the town hall

Yeah the triffid has a baby bump!!

I laugh now every time I see Turmeric ... remembering the last act of her last life with him!!

Maize phones her for a date .... but he is at work ... the useless idiot!!

She didn't hang around because there is a sim nearby who needs some medical attention ... Apple.
Candy is a paramedic.

By the time Candy got there Apple had thrown up .... and because Candy did not get there in time to help her, her work performance took a nose dive, and the community is not happy with her apparently ... oops!!

Apple:  "What game are they playing?"
Marty:  "They are not pretending to be ducks Apple ... they have just been up to no good in the bushes, I'm surprised you didn't see them!!"

Watching the stars with her best friend Ashley

Okay so where is she hiding Saffron?!

We have the compulsory pancake fire ... but it is Candy doing it this time!

Candy has two days off work now.

She needs to make friends with Adam Keaton to improve her work performance and get a pay rise.
So she goes to visit ... but Adam is not home

ANOTHER autograph off Marty .. how many does she need?!
She hung around for ages but Adam did not come home - so she took herself off home.

Candy had not been left long, when she is back again because she was invited to Ashley's party

Something suddenly causes a stir in the room.
Ashley, Anton and Adam all bolt upstairs.

I am howling when I see what is going on upstairs!!

Red is in the middling of popping out babies ... three of them.
Before the pop up springs up .... I KNOW by all three babies skin colour ... they are NOT Martys and know exactly who they belong to .... AGAIN!!!

Yes .. they have done it AGAIN!!!!

All eyes are on Forrest suddenly ... lmao!!

Poor Marty is always the mug!!
Caramel doesn't seem to have noticed yet!

That is a very awkward moment!!
Red smirking and Marty's face!!!  Forrest is just looking at Red and he must be thinking ... not again!!

Yes Forrest ... that will teach you to play away!!  You are about to get another life of being weighed down by Child Support payments!!!

Candy did manage to make friends with Adam while she was at the party.
Which gained her a $2 pay rise .... jeez!!

Yes Mint she does need putting down!!!
But Caramel is also a mug ... she let him get away with it last time - she will probably do the same this time too, as she has let him get away with murder in the TCE files!!

The arrival of these stray babies has not broken either couple up ... yet!!

While she is at the party - there is a burgler casing out her house.

He left without taking anything.

after beating up the policeman and getting away!!
What a wuss!!

Back in the library trying to improve her logic ... she is 2 levels behind what she needs for work.

She doesn't get very far because Anton phones her for a date

Anton has blown a flower kiss at her again ... and sent her all stupid - temporarily!

Mint and Turmeric are expecting a baby

Randomly she wants to give Plum a friendly hug - which means a trip to the consignment store.

she regrets eating that jelly been ...

because she peed herself!!

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