Thursday, 19 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 4

More napping on the bench rather than going home, she is beginning to make a habit of it!!

More logic building in the library.

Yeah ... there is a photo booth outside!!
I think Cello and Mallow must do the rounds everyday - and use everyone in town!!

She never gets any time to work on her logic skill - she is always being disturbed.
This time she is called into the hospital on an emergency - on her day off!!

see I told you ... they are in the photo booth again - lol

OH BOY!!!!

Red and HESPER are (with the help of the adult mod) putting on a disgusting show for everyone outside the hospital.

AMUSINGLY ... they are all her children - Saffron, Adam, Anton and the toddler!!

Saffron you should be arresting that Mother of yours not watching her!!!

Yeah that photograph will do nicely for evidence ... lmao!!

Anton is stalking Candy again

Secret admirer text ... lmao - I wander who that is from!!

She is sitting in Forrests house in her swim wear because she is invited, by Forrest to a party.
Like the last party she is invited to - there is no Forrest and she is the only guest!!

There is only Caramel home with Amelia - one of their children.

Adam turns up eventually - but he stays outside playing the bass.

and that is how the rest of the night goes - Candy playing her guitar.


and Forrest does turn up eventually ... when the "so called" party is over.

I am surprised that rat is still alive - she is away from home for days sometimes.

We have the amusing .... I want a dryer but not a washing machine again.

The love letter is for Maize ... strangely

Funnily not long after Maize phones her for a date ... at the gym.
After she got there he called the date off ... he has to work (rolls eyes)

Mulberry and Ice are here with a few of their children
Juniper and Blueberry.

I hoped she would want to use this place a little more often as it is only next door ... but she doesn't.

She does have a go at ballett ... but it didn't last very long

She gets to know Blueberry a little.

She wants to find a star.

It doesn't take long for her to do it ...  it is called Candy 1

Seriously that plant has no shame!!!

It looks like Marty is still getting some ... along with Hesper and Forrest - lol

Candy comes out of work VERY stressed.
Clicking on the stressed moodlet has her running across the road ....

to jump on Anton for woohoo

This amused me no end as Anton was the one she jumped on in her last life!!

How cute ... Mommy cat, cleaning one of her kittens.

She has five!!
I thought 4 was the max they could have!!


Oh Anton
You won't be ginning like that when you have child support to pay!!

someone just took it a little too far didn't you Candy!!
She has a baby bump on the way!

Maize phones Candy for a date.
Third time lucky he actually turns up!!!

Why does it always have to be one of the triffids boys!! gggrrrr

They had a great date .... even if she did puke up half way through it for Maize to see!!

Maize you really don't want to know what is causing that sickness!!

This is Mulberry and Ice's FOURTH baby ... they now have six children

These two are not stalking each other again - are they!!

I bet she is hypnotising all these men with her obsessive flower kisses ... especially Forrest - lol

Forrest has sent Candy a gift of an outside grill .... so she is making hot dogs

Baby bump

Thanks Forrest - but I doubt she will bother to use it again - lol

I'm seriously laughing ... the hours I have spent trying to get a witch to convert something into a fairy Damsel fish ... and Candy just does it for fun, when I don't need it!!


Now on maternity leave she has plenty of time to work on her logic.
She is a Trauma Sugeon now and needs to go up 3 levels!!

She plays chess in the park with Patterns

WHAT THE ...... ??!!

she is not putting herself around much is she!!!

Fetch me a sick bucket ... Marty you are being played!!!!

Oh boy!!

STOP teasing me Forrest!!!

Mallow having a feel of the baby bump ... I am surprised she let him.
They don't know each other that much.

Candy is going into the bookstore to buy some comcs.
She wants to increase her nerd influence title.

Baby is coming

She comes out of the hospital with one little boy

and Anton came into the hospital and goes home with her.


Traits = Loves the Outdoors and Athletic

Now what are Mommy and Daddy going to do I wander?!


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