Monday, 9 October 2017

Dandy Door 1 - Update 12

Clover is SUPPOSED to be at school .... but she isn't!!
She is skipping school and somehow found her way to the park instead.

Getting to know Forrest .... It is nice to see he has been released from his jail cell!!

Everywhere I look now there are toddlers / babies and pregnant women!!

Scarlet is Saffron's sister ... so that baby is going to be Clovers cousin

Even the animals are reproducing like mad ... lmao

I have to laugh at Mallow and Cello!!!
EVERY TIME I come to the park I see them making use of the photobooth.

Yes I saw you!!

Clover didn't get away with skipping school!!
Saffron was waiting for her when she got back.

Why doesn't this surprise me ... lol ... she has nearly maxed her woohoo skill
when most people in town are only on level 2 or 3!!

Charlie is having his birthday

He gained the Couch Potato trait

all these children are taking after Saffron facially ... although Charlies ears are a little on the big size

Chad is also having his birthday and becoming an adult.

He gained the Nurturing trait

He is pretty much a clone of Saffron

Baby is coming

Another boy .... CHACE

Traits = Good and Artistic

More fool him!!

Chad is rolling a lot of Erika wishes ... so I send him over the road to hang out with her

Candy is asleep and I am watching Saffron with Chase .... I hear baby chimes.

they are coming from Chad over the road!!!

Now what has Chad gone and done ... lmao!!

Erika is an animal lover like Chad

Kip Grape has come home from school with Clover

Chad is still over the road.

Clover is having her birthday

She gained the Cat Person trait

I found this in Chad's inventory - I guess it is a trophy from his afterschool Music Club

It is funny how all of their children are painfully thin
while neither Saffron or Candy are on the thin side, especially not Saffron!!

Chad is graduating

Erika is also graduating today
Only Mallow was with her - there was no sign of Cello or her brother Carlton

It looks like the baby bump has popped already.
Yes Saffron ... you are about to become a Granddad!!

Most Popular

It is all too much for Erika - she passes out on the pavement - lol

Chad manages to invite her over when she wakes up, but she is wacked and just goes straight back to sleep.

Chad rolls the wish to Marry Erika .... so there is no time like the present!!

When Erika wakes up ... they get engaged

Then I hit a bump in the road trying to get them having a quick Private wedding.

They went through the motions of getting married - and nothing happened.
Chad's wish is still there and there was no option to move them in together.

THREE TIMES they did it ... and nothing

So Officially in the game .... they are still NOT married ... but I am working on it!!

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