Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Candy - Door 1 - Update 13

Erika is staying over ... but we are prepared for when she moves in.
Chad and Erika now have their own bedroom.

Charlie lives on the sofa, watching the TV, because he is a proper couch potato

Chad wants a boy

We try again ... and this time it worked.
They are now married!!

I am wandering if the game wouldn't marry them because they were wearing their graduation gowns!!

Traits = Over Emotional - Gatherer - Kleptomaniac - Evil - Artistic.

As soon as they are married - Candy rolled the wish to become a Grandparent.
Hopefully that will stop her wanting more children of her own

Jeb, when he is not here playing maid ... is CONSTANTLY phoning Candy for dates.

This is cute!!
Bilbo and Cornflower Grape (Kip's parents) are taking their Granddaughter for a stroll!!

Trisha is Ambers and Ashley's child.
So she is Saffron's Neice.

and it looks like Amber and Kip have another brother or sister on the way!!

So far so good .. Candy has stopped rolling baby wishes.

That's it you just test out your Son's new bed ... tut!!

Seriously, how many kids does that guy need??!!

Okay maybe I spoke too soon ... she just rolled a wish to have 10 children in total!!
Well she can FORGET that!!!

Chace is having his birthday

Well I never expected that!!!!  The red hair!!!

Yes Saffron's Mother was originally Red - but in another file,  she entered this file as a plant so I never expected any of her original colouring to come out in any of her children born in this file.
I can only think that the game has picked the red hair up off the family tree (Scarlet, Saffrons Sister).  I had to connect Saffron and his three siblings to Red on the family tree to stop her from jumping on them!!

Chase is another witch like Clarke and Charlie

Saffron teaches Chase to talk

It looks like Candy has lost her easel ... Erika has the artistic trait

I can see Erika is going to make a good Mother .... NOT!!

This is Ervin ... one of Forrest and Caramel's many children.
He just stood on the garden for ages then left .... strange child!!

We have a different maid.
Jeb has stopped coming and Caren is coming instead.

Baby is coming.

Erika went off to the hospital on her own.
Chad finished his game first, before running after her and joining her at the hospital.

Candy teaches Chace to walk

The new maid is annoying ... all she has done all day is pester everyone for photographs and autographs.

Chad and Erika come back from the hospital with a baby boy.



Yes Chad ... you really don't know what you have let yourself in for, do you!! - lol!

At least he has one parent who is going to look after him!

Talk of the devil and she appears.
Red ringing the doorbell - kicked off a very mental Sunday!!!

She phoned Saffron asking if her kids want to play with his again.
So she turned up with Lindsey and Amanda

Saffron's work clothes are really amusing me - because he is an Undercover Specialist, he is coming home from work every day in different clothes.

Sorry love - that sofa is only made for two!!

Shockingly for once - Red is not pregnant!!

Temper!!  Temper!!

The maid is still here doing not what she is being paid to do!!

She is inspecting her new Great-Grandchild

I am wandering if someone has asked the maid to hangout - because she is definitely making herself at home!!

Wow she washed up a plate ... but only her own!!

Poor Saffron made spaghetti because he was hungry - he put the plate down and everyone else swooped in on it and by the time he got to get some, there was none left.  So he ended up making another batch, so he could eat.

That disguise doesn't fool anyone maid --- we know you are still here!!

The maid didn't even do a good job of giving Lindsey a bedtime story ...

Safron had to read to her again before she went to sleep.

The first Alien I have seen visiting.

Erika has decided she wants a career in law enforcement.

Finally the maid knows what she is here to do!!

Erik is going to grow up traumatised, all Erika had done so far is constantly steal his candy - tut!!

Erik is having his birthday

HOW CUTE is he!!!

Chad teaches Erik to talk

Clarke is on a date ...
Rosemary (who we have never seen before) randomly phoned Clarke for a date

They hit it off so well ... he rolled the kiss wish

Chad has rolled the wish to move in with Erika ... pout
There are no empty houses in town ... so I moved them in over the road with Erika's parents, as there are only 3 people living in the house - Cello, Mallow and Carlton.

Eating face picture!

He! He!  Now I can watch what Chad is up to.

Clover is trying to skip school again!!
She goes after she has had a telling off.

Clarkes wishes have gone barmey!!

LMAO!!!!  Now I see why Clarke has gone potty over Rosemary!!

She has one skill - maxed woohoo!!
I hadn't noticed the positively orgasmic moodlet that Clarke and Saffron are getting!!  I guess she must be one of the Spa Secret Rendez Vous women. 

Kip is still coming home sometimes with Clover.
He always does his homework then leaves because he has a part time job

Yeah, punching your head in is just what I want to do!!!
This maid hardly does any house work - she is totally useless!!
Come back Jeb, all is forgiven!!

That tap (shakes fist!!)

Stir crazy Candy only needs one more friend now ... so she goes out looking for one.
She gets to know Mulberry a little bit more.

We see why Forrest is not paying his child support ... he has another child at home to support!!!

She speaks to Mint , but they are already friends

the same with Pineapple

She ignores Forrest and plays chess

An unsuccessful trip out - no new friend made!!


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