Monday, 9 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 11

This morning Jeb is being annoying ....
The children are trying to grab breakfast, and he whips it away before they can get any!

Chad has invited Erika over because he has a wish to fulfill

The kiss wish.

well at least he didn't get his face slapped!!

Candy is teaching Charlie to talk

Loves young dream!

Oh dear .... Erika has the evil trait
she pinches Charlie's candy.

I had a look at Erika in style - curious to see who's ears she has hidden under her hair, Mallow's or Cello's.

I think she is gorgeous!!
I have saved a copy of her 😝

Their children (if they have any) are going to be dead cute!!
It will be interesting to see if any of Cello and Candy's ugli features come out in their children too, as they don't have any visable themselves.

Table extension

I spot Red walking past with one of her new babies.
13 children she has in this now!!

Saffron is teaching Charlie to walk

Susanna and Josephine are now teenagers

Candy has got her gardening to level 9

Clarke finally decides he wants a career in music - so he goes off to the theatre to get a job

He also wants to busk in the park ...

Yes Clarke ... its called woohoo ... something you are old enough to do now!!

I might have guessed it would be Cello and Mallow (Erika's parents) rocking the photo booth!!

A skill pop up - they have both just hit level 6 woohoo
which makes me wander - Mallow has obviously been at it with Red to create Larry - so if Cello is level with Mallow ... where else has he been??

 With only the two love birds in the park - Clarke is not earning anything - all he is doing is providing the music for Cello and Mallow to dance too.

Charlie is still being potty trained.

I am quite surprised, after the park filled up and Clarke managed to earn $2,036 by the time he stopped playing.

Obviously the park is where all the action is tonight

You might guess who is in the photoboth again!!
I bet Cello and Mallow must CONSTANTLY have public disgraces for public woohoo!!

Clarke decides to join in with protest.

and here comes baby number 5!!
Baby chimes coming from the bedroom - huh!

3am in the morning and Clover is the only one awake so she makes the most of it.

eating ice cream and setting a sink trap

FINALLY Clarke realises he has the handy skill and wants to upgrade something.
Toilet upgraded to self cleaning.
He walks away and forgets again.

Any excuse lmao!!!
I wander if them getting together means they will have more babies brewing??

The fire starter strikes again!!!
Well I presume it was Saffron as he has just left for work.

and guess who is going to put the fire out this time ....

The witch with an ice blast spell!!!

Charming!!!  Candy is now in trouble for putting the fire out herself!!!

Seriously Cello ... LMAO!!!

Jeb after being hit with Clover's sink trap thought he deserved some yoghurt.

I think Jeb has lost the plot!!
He is not a vampire and is going to be very sick later drinking that plasma juice!!

A woohooty contract pops up, just as Erika appears on the doorstep .... LMAO
It looks like Chad wants to be a naughty boy!!


(so they have found a way to sneak past the no teenage woohoo!!)

naughty children!!! Lmao!!
It was risky too ... but no baby chimes thankfully!

That's it, you decide you want to ask her to be your girlfriend AFTER you have done the dirty.
Or is he asking her because she did!!

They are so cute together!!

Don't they look all sweet and innocent doing their homework!!

Candy's fifth baby bump pops.
I seriously hope this is the last!!

I am sorry, but this child support saga is amusing the hell out of me .... Red never fails to entertain!!

Being celebrities, their family inventory is filling up with manufacturers gifts.  The only useful thing they have been sent is a better fridge and a barbeque for the garden.
Selling the rest bumped their family inventory up to £115,000
(so Clarke only needs to get himself to a 5 celebrity and he has acheived his LTW)

Oh right .... so while Forrest is in gail .... she moves onto her next victim - lmao

One of the annoying things about evil sims - always sneaking up and scaring everyone ...

but Chad doesn't seem to let it upset him

Hello Mr Nosey Horse!!

Candy is too wrapped up in her garden, Saffron and her family life, that she  seems to have forgotten her LTW and that she needs four more friends to complete it!!

Charlie is another witch like Clarke

Saffron is now an undercover Specialist

Susana came home after school with Chad, but she spent most of her time getting to know her half brother Saffron.

Poor Forrest has been locked up again ... lol

That is what happens when you are stupid enough to make 4 babies with the town bike!!


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