Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 9

Stressed out after a day at school, Blake decides to play with the orb of Answers.
(but only because I clicked on his stressed moodlet)

Such excitement ....
to being told he should so totally learn a new skill!

Any excuse Cello!!

The last of Brad's potty training

Candy now has 18 friends - she only needs two more to complete her Life Time Wish.
She also wants to decorate the walls with 15 paintings ... that is going to take a while.

I think I can see what career Blake is heading for .. an Athletic one.
He never stops working out!!

Not again!!!

Candy wants to become good friends with Edwin ... but every time she phones him he is just on his way out.  I get the feeling he doesn't want to talk to her.

Little witch in action

Hello my laundry gnome

Candy is still trying to max her logic ... it is at level 9 now.
She still has 4 days left before she is due back at work - which is confusing me a little - she hasn't been to work since before Blake was born!!!

Blake being Eco Friendly cooks organic alternatives of everything.
His cooking skill jumped straight up to level 3, because of playing on the child's oven, which I never saw him doing?!

Anton actually phones Blake for the very first time!!

I wouldn't get too excited kid ... he is only double checking to see how old you are - because he can't wait for the child support to stop!  Child support he rarely pays!!


That is 21 children now!!
Cello now being the sixth different baby Dad!!
She must think she is still playing Rainbow Babies!!

Maize is now a Resident after another promotion

For a change he wanders across to the Bistro, instead of coming straight home.

That is interesting!!
He is heart farting Mallow and their friendship bar rockets.

He must be stupid to go back for seconds!!

Obviously she must be the only one who will marry him!!
Why else would he want to marry the cheating triffid for a second time?!

and hysterically ... she has moved back in with Edwin and left Cello's two babies behind with Anton!!

Maize randomly plays with his Neices little girl.

That poor kid is one of Marty's children ... and I see she has inherited his cheekbones!!

Mallow flirting with Maize did not impress him very much.
Now things are awkward between them.

Just strolling through the buggy wash!!

Another one of her toddlers is treated to a splash in the Ocean.

Cello:  "So where are they?  You said I could take the babies."
Red:  "You are not having them ... I am only here to talk about child support!!"

Forrest $2,000 ... Plum $1,500 now Cello $1,000
$4,500 ... that is some daily income!!

You should never have gone there Cello, and if you want to see your babies - go and speak to Anton, because he has them not her!!

Blake wants to visit the gym.

I swear Forrest is living here now .... he rarely leaves the place these days!!

Seriously - she is already making a mug of Edwin again!!

You be careful Mustard ... poison Ivy is on the prowl looking for her next victim!!
And it looks like she might be coming after you!!

Blake is having his birthday

He gains the virtuoso trait

LTW = Superstar Athlete

The house over the road is on fire again!!

Anton has just turned up at the gym

so Blake gets to see his half brother Whitney for the first time

Blake TRIES to talk to his Dad sperm donor.

Wow put your evil tongue away!!
Walk away Blake .... he is not worth it!!

IF ONLY Blake had alien in him, then we could drop a meteor on Anton!!!

A sulky Blake goes home and spring cleans the house!

Blake gets a job at the sports stadium ...

while Candy is boring the hell out of me again and already thinks she is living her next life (as a painter) because at the moment painting is all she wants to do!!

Maize teaches Brad to walk

Blake is graduating

Benji must be in the boot!!

There are two others graduating at the same time.
One of the Childs children.

and one of Mulberry and Ice's children.

Blake is most likely to become a rock star!
Well I think they have got that one wrong!!

Maize is having a panic attack because he is in a crowd of strangers
but it doesn't stop him heart farting MARTY!!!

I am starting to worry about him, suddenly he is only heart farting other men!!

Brad looks cute all dressed up for the occassion

He is having his birthday

He gains the Neurotic trait

That is the last of the toddlers in the house ... I hope!!

4am in the morning and the gym is a hive of activity

I have just noticed - one of Red and Forest's children, Juania, is actually now a plant sim!!

Talk of the devil ... Forrest is STILL here and STILL working out

He wants to be like his Mom - lol

Maize is invited to Scarlet's party.
Candy is on her way and gatecrashing.

These are Scarlet's Grandchildren .... Marty's two girls

Talking about work with his boss

and hugs for his sister.

At home Benji is having his birthday

He gains the natural Cook trait

The party is so boring (as they are the only guests) they decide to make their own entertainment!!

In his sister's bed!!

named and shamed and kicked out of the house!!

Well that is just charming when they did exactly the same thing at Maize's party!!

They both got a public disgrace for it too!!

Maize:  "Thanks Sis!!"


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