Thursday, 26 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 10

Benji wants to buy an alchemy station and learn the skill.

Eating outside is the new thing - most of the time.

Dodgy hair cc (cough)

Blake wants to meet someone new.
He gets to know Caramel, and I think he likes her a little too much!!

After she leaves he spends the rest of the time on his own.

Brad is obsessed with checking under the bed for monsters.
He is not sleeping because once the monster moodlet is over - he checks for monsters again.

Candy is going through a very boring stage .... all she wants to do is paint.
She isn't even bothered about making the last few friends that she needs to complete her LTW

I would run if I was you - you will probably get done for vandalising public property!!

Blake has got his Athletic skill up to level 6

Why take a bath when you can kill two birds with one stone!!

Maize wants to procure a portrait of himself!! 

The laundry gnome did it!!

Maize wants to improve his hand skill so he gets to fix that sink AGAIN!!!

Candy is having her birthday

She has hit her elderly stage

Annoying child!!!

Maize is called in on an emergacy again, while Candy STILL has not been to work in FOREVER!!

Not bad, even if the colour is a little off!!

and she is back to the mosaic paintings

Blake his having regular chats with his Grandfather ... Marty
who is also his boss at work.

Since when did you become so vein Maize!!??

F I N A L L Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Candy is back at work!!!

Maize has a vaccination clinic in the cemetery at 7.30 at night!!

This is Whitney, Blakes half brother.

Maize is seriously bad at these vaccination clinics!!
He only managed to vaccinate 2 out of the 12 that turned up.
He spent ages stood staring at the pap woman like a gormless idiot, everyone got fed up of waiting and left.

Candy has had a promotion today.
She is now a Gene Therapist.

Sooo Ready for her next life.
Bored of watching the same game painting for too many years - I have added a painting mod to my game .... so instead of the normal boring 158 pictures, I now have 1,580 new ones to look forward to seeing.

I was a little surprised that it changed the paintings already on the wall.

Janine Newton is ringing the door bell ... but they all ignored her, so she never came in.

Candy now wants to max her painting skill.

Benji for some reason is a little obsessed with hanging out with his Grandmother.
He is constantly rolling the wish, and I generally ignore it .
So the triffid is invited round.

Yeah he has come back from school a little singed.
SHOCKING .... there is no baby bump.

Don't you just hate it when the food turns bad when you are in the middle of eating it!!

I really love these new painting

Blake received a date phone call from Sue Childs.
She took so long to turn up - when she got there (hours later) Blake was well into fishing

There are no fireworks here!!
They actually have a few clashing traits.

 Blakes face when he finds out Sue has a boyfriend ... Plum!!

Maize is having his birthday

The date went well I see ...not!!

Their life ..........
She paints and he sits on the computer working from home

This painting automatically made me think of this song ... Man on a Wire by the Script

Benji is learning the cooking skill the easy way ... watching TV

Candy has to meet and make friends with Juanita to improve her work performance.

(She is one of Red and Plums triplets)

Lets just have a staring contest!!!!
I bet Anton is glad he doesn't have to pay child support for Blake any more.

Blake is obssessed with working out and going to the gym to do it

Crimson is playing with and feeding that baby every time it cries.
It is not even his baby ... but it is his Nephew, so I guess he thinks he should!!

and up pops the wants to hang out with Red again.
(so dealing with it didn't stop it coming)

Benji is also very obssessed with Raheem .... (Mint and Turmerics son)

Benji is outside the local hang out waiting for Raheem to arrive.
He didn't turn up ... and he was the one who phoned Benji for the date!!

Sorry love ... I think he is gay!!

He didn't get to clear any of his Raheem wishes, but his trip out wasn't wasted.
Red is here - so he gets to hang out with her again.


I noticed that she is still not elderly when all of her older children are.
She has extended her life keep having babies and delaying her birthdays I think

Maize is called into work on an emergency

notice who is sleeping on the bench!!

Candy came out of work and flaked out.

 Isn't Blake lucky he has cucumber over his eyes!!

Lucus's reaction!!

Lucus:  "You show me yours and I'll show you mine!"

Crimson:  "And he had the nerve to laugh at mine!!"

Poor Janae is traumatised - lol

For a bit of mischief I got Blake to pinch their clothes

I would love to know how she made that baby if that is how she reacts to a naked man!!

Brad is having his birthday.

He gained the Virtuoso trait

Love letter for Raheem

I don't think we are avoiding Benji being gay!!


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