Sunday, 22 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 8

The baby is on it's way.

Shush Candy!!  You are going to wake Benji!!

another boy .... BRAD

There is nothing worse than a parent waking up a sleeping child, just because they want to tickle it!!

Gggrrrrr Maize!!

Brad is another witch.

Traits = Genius - Easily Impressed


Seriously he is trying to sleep again and they are queuing up to wake him up and play with him!!

Finally Maize has worked out how to repair the broken sink

It is the weekend.
Blake wants to learn the fishing skill ... and there is the perfect place right behind their house to do it.
Skill gained .. fishing forgotten about!

They have both now rolled a wish to get married

So after getting engaged ... they get married.

Benji is having his birthday

He gains the Neurotic trait

Benji  "And where am I supposed to sleep exactly?!"

Sorry kid ... I forgot you need a bed (cringe)

Blakes IF is causing problems 😡  Why I hate the damn things!!

He wants it out ... so it is out, but it is not morfing.
Overwatch is trying to age it up (5 times it tries every time) but nothing.
So like an idiot I just delete the stupid doll ... but the game thinks it is still there so I am still getting all the pop ups.

You have to laugh!!
Red has gone back to Leon!!!

The boys are busy in the kitchen.
Blake wants to learn the cooking skill, so he attempting to make pancakes, while Benji puts food in the fridge and washes up the plates.

Blake and Benji are really cute boys!!

I guess Forrest needs to do a lot of buttering Caramel up!!
I spotted them doing this through the gym window (lol)

Caramel must know that Forrest has SIX children with Red, from 3 pregnancies, which is making them broke - while they have only had one set of twins themselves.
I don't get why they are still together and inseparable?!

It is leisure day and Maize wants to throw a pool party, because he has a new hot tub.

Parties are not something I do often, I usually ignore those wishes (cough)

He invited Crimson and his wife ... Scarlet and Mustard and Saffron.
Basically his three rainbow siblings and their partners.

Candy is TRYING to cook hamburgers, but she cremated them!!

Saved by Crimson who turns up with a plate of vegetarian Fish and Chips.

Elvis - Red and Bilbo Grape are gate crashing the party - they weren't invited

Mustard and Scarlet turn up

Monte is also gate crashing.

While he stands out front being chatted up by Red (lmao)
Cello turns up but he goes straight away.
Cello you are a very brave man leaving your son alone with the triffid!!

That's it you just use Maize and Candy's bed - I am sure they don't mind you dirtying their sheets!!!

Francscia must have come along with her parents (Scarlet and Mustard)

She and Blake are actually best friends (I presume from school)
Shame they are cousins!

Maize gets to meet one of his many half siblings for the first time!

Brad has his birthday during the party

Jennifer turns up ... she is another one of Scarlet and Mustards children.
Amusingly she is Marty's girlfriend and they have two children.

Maize:  "Hello Mother ... and what do you want exactly?!"

Saffron turns up just as everyone is leaving.

I have to laugh at this ....
What was awesome about it ... they all stood there yawning most of the time!!

She obviously must have hit on her SON-IN-LAW straight after the party!!
I didn't think she would have to pay for it - she gives it out so freely herself!!

These two are BFF's ....
I kind of hope the move in pop up appears when they are together, but it hasn't yet.  I think Saffron and Candy living together is quite safe.

Candy gets round to teaching Brad to talk

This is where Anton now lives with his wife - Blake's half brother and the triffid.

We are here because the daredevil Blake wants to do some pranking.
His neglecting Dad's house seemed as good a place as any!!

One flaming bag of poop left on the door step.

I love the way he hides round the side of the house and constantly giggles.

Anton's wife is now elderly ... and the triffid has just returned home.

She has a fit at the poop splatted all up her legs ... lol
Shame it wasn't Anton who copped for the shitty legs!!

I am not sure what is going on here!!
Edwin (her ex husband) turns up with one of Forrests toddlers, that he still has custody of.

I wander if he has come to dump the kid on her - lol

Jeeeez .... I did say didn't I!!!
Red has just sprouted ANOTHER baby bump!!

Oh and here comes the bad Dad!!

Blake: "You just totally ignore me, why don't you!!!  DAD!!"

He did Blake (pout)

and guess who is having a ride home in a police car because he is out after curfew.

We leave Red flirting with her ex husband ... tut!!

Candy:  "I've just had your angry Dad on the phone!!"
Blake:  "I don't care ... the tosser ignored me!!
Candy:  "What did you expect ... and you are Grounded!!"
Blake:  "You have got to be kidding me!!"

Candy:  "Yes I am actually!!
Blake:  "So I'm not grounded"
Candy:  "No, I'll let you off this time, but the next time you decide to take shit to your Dad's doorstep ... I wanna watch!!"

Make your mind up woman ... you are making me dizzy!!


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