Saturday, 21 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 7

Ricky and Blake playing in the tree house all day - has them being best friends.
He left after he ate another meal.

Finally the toilet is cleaned!!

Forget his bed ... Blake would much rather sleep in the tree house.

I am becoming very amused with the Saffron / Cello / Mallow saga

Seriously!?  What sort of stupid time is 4 am to be phoning for a date ... Adam?!

You love them dearly ... YOU LIAR!!!
You don't even know your son!!

Maize is now a paramedic

By the look on his face ... he isn't happy with that outfit either!!

Candy has SEVEN DAYS before she is due back at work.

I guess it gives her the chance to work on her latest wish ... to max her logic.
She is now at level 8

Cute Dad comes in from work to deel with his socially neglected, starving, stinking baby ..... because Mommy has been too busy reading!!

And here we go again!!!  Broken tap!

Now where did I put that boat!!??

He wants to phone his sister Scarlet, who also happens to be his boss.

Maize = "Sis .... the sink is broken, what should I do?"
Scarlet = "I don't know .. phone Crimson, he usually sorts all that shit out!"

Benji has his birthday

He is a mini Maize with Candy's face.

Maize is busy working from home as usual
while Candy teaches Benji to walk

Never a good idea to answer the door to a pap ringing the door bell!!

although - she seems to like Ronaldo - a lot!!

Benji:  "How exactly am I supposed to poop through my trousers?!"

Maize has a vaccination clinic in the park

Crimson:  "That hurt you idiot!!"
Maize:  "It was meant to brother!!  That is for pulling the ears off my teddy when we were little!!"

Maize and Juniper held up the clinic - falling in love with each other - lmao!!

(Now I see how they always ended up together in all the TCE files - and evil me has split them up)

The Juniper hold up hacked everyone off - they all got sick of waiting.
He only managed to vaccinate 5 out of 18 sims - oops!!

She has tried the younger version - Leon ... now she has moved onto his Dad ... Liam

Liams daughter is upset obviously, cheating on her Mother.
and Forrest's daughter finds it hysterical ....she probably thinks this means Red is going to leave her Dad alone now.

Dream on Mint ... I doubt that is happening!!
I have a crystal ball and know what is coming - lol

One of the Child's genie children come home with Blake from school

Baby chimes!!

Maize has finally figured out how to stop the flood.

Maize teaches Benji to talk

and does some more of his potty training

Red phones Candy and asks her to hang out ... so she went round to her house with Blake.

This is Julianne ... Blakes Aunt.

Julianne and Mimi are Edwin's children

and of course ... Red is not home!!
Only Edwin is here.

These three toddlers are Plums children

No this isn't a day nursery or crèche ...... this is Red's house and her toddler collection

Poor Edwin in there trying to look after 5 toddlers all on his own!!

Poor Blake nearly got mugged by his Uncle and Aunts .... lmao!!

They swarmed him when he pulled out his IF Doll
I think they wanted his IF doll ... they obviously must not have one of their own.

MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!  You have got to be kidding me!!!!

I think she is doing another 100 baby challenge here all on her own ... lmao

NINETEEN children and counting .... the next one is brewing.

This is Fatima one of Forrest's children

Yes it is probably best we leave the mad house ... lol

Baby bump

Juniper randomly rang the doorbell ...
no guessing why she has suddenly started stalking Maize!

Yes Candy ... I would watch those two!!!

A good time to butter Maize up, even if it was a happy coincidence.
Candy made his favourite - Sushi

He is distracted away from Juniper playing peek a boo with the baby bump

Anton:   "Has that kid grown up yet?"
Candy:  "What?!"
Anton:  "The kid ... I am sick of having to pay child support for him!!"

Maize is now a Medical Intern
He is getting promotions pretty quickly - he will soon be overtaking Candy!!

she is having another boy apparantly

Blake is having his birthday

He gained the Eco Friendly trait

The first thing he does .... clean the sink!

He has the Athletic trait

I have been quietly watching Forrest for a few sim days ... he has not gone home and been  CONSTANTLY in the gym working out.  I can see him in the window from Candy's house, most of the time he is on the running machine.

He is growing muscles where he never had them before

What is he trying to do ...
turn himself into johnny ten men for when Red's genie husband comes to beat him up - lol

His skill pop ups have gone from 1 to 6 while he has taken root in the gym

Oh Berry!!
The Ugli house over the road is on fire.

Cello and Mallow's bedroom to be exact!!!
(which sends my head off on one!!)

Cello + Mallow + Saffron = FIRE!!!!

Well ... what else could have set their bedroom on fire ?!

Nosey neighbour looking through the windows!

SERIOUSLY ..... are they taking the pee!!!

Probably why he has been hiding out in the gym for the past two days - because he knew this was coming.

That is now 3 pregnancies and 6 children!!

Oh the joys of being the town bike!!
Another divorce ... lmao

and ..... he has kicked her out ....
Edwin has kept her NINE babies and the cat .... and booted Red out onto the street!!

What a twat .. only two of those nine children are actually his
3 are Plums and the other 4 are Forrests!!
Marty has the rest of Red and Forrests kids living with him.
She has dumped all of her kids!!!

Being homeless, she has had to have one of her older children take her in.
She has move in with Anton, his wife and son!!

Seriously Red's antics in this lifetime are CRACKING ME UP!!!
I really shouldn't be surprised that she has left ALL of her babies behind!!

ONLY 4 sims in that house ....
I imagine Red is rubbing her hands together right now, because she knows there is space for more babies ... lmao ... you watch!!


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