Friday, 20 October 2017

Candy - Door 2 - Update 6

Maize now has another three half siblings!

She has had another set of triplets ... this time Plum is the unfortunate fellow.

Yeah I know that thing says his name is Sage - Sage Plum - but I always call him plum because I must have needed my head testing giving a pink sim a green name!!

TART ..... even the game has got her number!!!

Just give me ten minutes while I roll around on the floor!!

I SERIOUSLY would love to know who is sending Candy these text regularly

And off goes the baby train!!!

To say I am embarrassed is an understatement!!!
HOW MANY men is that now??!!

Blake now has a new half brother

I guess Candy can kiss goodbye to seeing any child support coming in.
It rarely comes in as it is - now he has two lots to pay!!

Maize is obssessed with feeding Adrian ... he is over feeding him!!

Off to his first day at work .... he doesn't look happy about it does he!!

Maize = "Are you SERIOUSLY making me wear pink!!"

Forrest is on the phone AGAIN!!

Which reminds me .... when Candy's woohoo skill popped up .... guess what I discovered.
I think she is chatting to different sims on the computer a lot - but obviously not every time!!
Apparently she cyberwoohoo'd with the Forrest - and I never even noticed!!
It is no wander they made friends rapidly!!

At the moment - their work shifts are perfect - making it so they don't need a baby sitter.
Maize comes home from work before Candy has to leave for her shift.

well she was going to work until the baby bump popped.

She tells him about the pregnancy.

Yes he is happy!!

Blake is having his birthday.

He gained the Dare Devil trait

and he gets a new bedroom

Maize is a funny onion!!

He spends most of his free time alone in the bedroom working from home on the computer - which makes him doubly happy being a loner and a workaholic.

Blake is off for his first day at school

Maize wants to invite some one round .... his brother!

So Saffron is in the house again.
Although ... he is VERY different this time!!

I am very amused while he is here, we get a pop up about him ...
apparently - he worships the local Gigalo ... Cello

It is crazy how different Saffron and Candy are together now

Saffron:  "Why do I feel like I know you?!"

Sorry Saff ... you won't be getting any babies this time!!

Blake is amusing me saluting.
He has inherited a hidden trait  - Salute - from Anton ... who is in the army.

friendly hugs

Candy wanted to buy a tree house

With his IF and this tree house .... that is Blake lost in his own world until he grows up!!

Saffron stayed over .... and yeah, Anton did cough up so Candy could get a new fridge!!

The baby is coming.

A red baby boy.


Saffron is a policeman in this life too ... and he questioned Maize.

Happy families.

This relationship is so different to the one she had with Saffron.
There are no sparks and not a lot of romance or woohoo going on.

Oh dear ... Adrian is floating and stinking up the bedroom!!

and down the toilet he goes

How RANK is that toilet!!??
The sewers starts right here!!!


Maize is a really good Dad.
He has done everything so far, while Candy has hardly been near Benji.

Ricky Grape randomly rings the doorbell.

After Maize has invited him in he heads straight to the playground.
You know why he came round don't you .... the big tree house drew him in - lol

Well at least Blake gets to make a friend in the proccess.

Ricky ended up staying all day.

Yeah I can see what you are trying to do Candy!!

She is waiting impatiently for Maize to finish playing with Benji.
Try for a baby keeps flashing up in her action queue.

Luckily he fired blanks this time .... better luck next time!!


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