Friday, 20 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 5

Of course Candy gets a public disgrace for having a child out of wedlock ....
which Anton even has the NERVE to heckle her for at one point!!!

Friendly hugs and that is it!!
He goes off to work and Candy does not even roll a single wish - not even the get married wish, which usually comes after having a baby if they are unmarried!!

Bye Anton!!!
So I guess single Mother it is!!

Free money!!

Red is definitely going for it this time - isn't she!!

ANOTHER stray baby with Forrest

It appears that Marty and Red have split up!!
I didn't see a pop up for it ... but I can now see they have on Blake's family tree,

That poor boy has the Grandmother from hell!!

Candy now has level 5 painting.

Baby in the house and she reverts to being content with staying home!  tut!!

She reads a few of those comic books that she brought

The domestic goddess for all of 5 minutes!!

It is no wander these guys are struggling to keep up with their child support payments.
Anton's payments for Blake are coming in EVERY DAY!!
(and here was me thinking it was a weekly payment, but its not, it is $500 every day!!)

I can now see Red's logic - she is earning $2,000 a day off Forrest - lmao

All this money coming in Candy goes on a spending spree.

New washer to go with the dryer

and a new cooker.

Candy:  "Hello Forrest ... didn't we already chat this morning."

Burger Helmet ..... 😭
who names these NCP sims??!!

Yes the repairman is here - she wanted to repair the computer she broke chatting to someone online.
She has no handy skill and the repair man is the safer option of Blake not becoming an orphan!!

We have two birthdays ...

Blake has his birthday

He is not a witch or a human plant like his Dad ... he is completely human as far as I can see.

Candy is now a mature adult

She is having a Mid Life Crisis

She teaches Blake to walk

She wants to chat to Anton, so instead of doing it on the phone, she goes to visit with Blake.

That's it Anton, you just stare at your Son like a gormless idiot!!

Once they got into side the house .... everyone started to act strangely

The nosey neighbours start piling round

You know what is coming don't you!!


A dirty great big rock drops on the house!!

I don't think anyone died - I didn't see Grim turn up.

A few minutes later and Candy could have got squashed ... she had only just got into the house before it dropped.

The triffid lives on!!
For once in her life she is looking after her baby!!

This plant copy of Red must be seriously glitched - because that baby has human skin like her other plant boys.  I think the game is reading her as a human - because NONE of the kids she is having are plants.

They are all trapped in the house ... the only door to outside has gone.

While it would have been an interesting scenario ... I had to cheat and put a door in so Candy and Blake could escape being trapped in the Keaton house for the rest of eternity!! 

Marty moved out after the metoer strike and went to live with his new girlfriend!!

Marty:  "You know she set that up to bump me off for the life insurance don't you!!  I'm out of here!!"

Oh ... and he takes a couple of Forrests kids with him - lmao!!
Talk about sharing ... he obviously doesn't mind raising another mans children!!

Cough up Anton ... Candy needs a new fridge!!

And up pops this random wish from nowhere!!

I can't say I blame her ... Anton is useless!!
He doesn't even pay the slightest interest in his child!

Blake had a screaming fit ALL THE WAY home!!

He must know his Daddy doesn't give a flying shit about him!!

Mr pouty face!!
Candy teaches him to talk

Candy has a wish to fulfil!!
The kiss wish.

I'm a little dissappointed that it is another one of Red's boys and Saffrons brother.
That will teach me I guess for stupidly putting 7 of her boys in town!!

Annoyingly while he is at work there are no romantic interactions available to her.
Friendly hugs is as close as it got.

So she had to go home and invite him over after he had finished work.

She makes a start on Blake's potty training while she is waiting.

So I jumped the gun a little, to save the rigmarole later.

Candy asked Maize to move in ...

before she jumps on him

Oh .... happy birthday Maize!!

Maize is having a mid life crisis.

Maize Shine

Workaholic - Loner - Family Orientated - Good - Snob
LTW = World Renown Surgeon

Maize is one of my born in game sims that I have never really played with before only used for chapter photo's.  I didn't even know his traits (other than over emotional) or his LTW.

He gets the job that he needs at the hospital and instantly strarts to work from home.

and he doesn't stop until Candy disturbs him.

no damage done ... yet.

Maize (who is actually Blakes Uncle)
pays more attention to the boy than his Dad ever has.

It is funny how she was best mates with Crimson in her last life.
This life she barely knows him.

Jeeez ... Red has ANOTHER baby bump!!

I can't wait to see who this one belongs too ... there are now plenty of candidates ... Forrest - River - Hesper - Leon - Plum ... and those are the ones I know about - you can guarantee there are more!!

paranoid man checking his wrinkles ... he couldn't get any closer to that mirror if he tried!!

HYSTERICALLY .... they both roll mid life crisis wishes at the same time - that I so totally ignore after I have stopped laughing over them!!  They have only just got together, so they can keep their fantasies!!

Maize wants to flirt with Delta (another male)
and Candy wants to flirt with Caramel (another female)

Obviously their mid life crisis must be making them question their gender preference choice!!

After a trip to the book store to buy a set of logic books ......

Mr and Mrs boring ...... (yawn)


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