Monday, 16 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 1

So here Candy is again .... at the beginning of her second shot at life.

Candy heads straight out to the hospital to get a job.
This time round she is going down the medical career root.

She wanders over to the Bistro to watch Apple playing her guitar

Candy wants to learn the logic skill and read a logic book, so she goes to the library to do some reading.

The fun has started already!
Layla Childs is beating up one of the paps.

I think I am tripping when I see another Candy walk past ... lmao!!
This game, never fails to amuse and confuse me!!!
Why or how did the game even do this??!!

This Candy is a homeless NCP and a Pap!!!
or she was .... she is now in the mauseleum because I force killed her (cringe!!)

She doesn't stay in the park long - she chases Marty back into the library to get his autograph

She wants to make friends with someone, so she chats with Layla.

She makes a start on her painting skill while she is waiting for the car pool.
Strangely a car doesn't come to pick her up - she takes herself to work on her broomstick.

A little stressed from her first day at work ...
she wanders over to Bistro to listen to the music being played.

Candy actually makes friends with Ashley by just standing there for ages watching him.  As he is a celebrity - she gains a celebrity star herself!!

She wants to befriend all her co-workers - and as Scarlet is one of them, she goes over to chat with her.

Red, the triffid, puts in an appearance.
Like last time after a short chat they quickly made friends and she gains her second celebrity star.

More listening to Ashley playing the bass .. and I can't believe she is ALREADY a three star celebrity and she has hardly done anything to earn it.

She heart farts Maize as he walks past and wants to ask his star sign.

They are pretty compatible, they have a few triats and star sign in common.

Maize is someone she didn't really talk to last time and I hoped she would avoid Red's boys this time ... but she is already the best of friends with two of them - tut!!

Delta is her boss ... so she needs to make friends with him!

I guess Red has not found Forrest yet ... lol

Liam and Viola

Mint has just married Turmeric

Talk of the devil and he walks by.

Her second day at work she gets a promotion, she is now a bed pan cleaner.

She needs to improve her logic skill two levels - so she goes to the library again to read a logic book.

I spy Saffron ... the longer she goes without talking to him the better.
I am hoping the baby train won't take over this life like it did her last - so the longer it takes her to realise she loves Saffron the better!!

She heart farts Monte, but they ignore each other and read their books.

She does get to know Patterns a little after he has disturbed her reading for an autograph

Love letters and gifts from Maize - Ashley and Anton

Candy picks up a rat ... it is now in a tank in the living room

Be warned .... while Candy is working her long hour shifts.
I am town and sim watching - to stop myself from being bored ... so you will be seeing a lot of what the rest of the town are up to!

Caramel is the first one to get my attention walking into the hospital with a baby bump, then out again with a baby basket.

Forrest and Caramel now have twin.

The photobooths are already constantly in use for the wrong reasons - lol

Mustard and Scarlet are newly weds.

and so are Delta and Lucky

It amuses me that three of the four sims in the park are Candy's workmates and they SHOULD be at work right now just like she is!!

Shame I didn't think to scatter a few time machines around town - it might help calm down the baby boom that has started!!

When Candy comes out of work, she always heads straight to the Bistro ....
I think the music distracts her and stops her going home.

She has a book to read for work.

Ashley phones her for a chat.

Who dressed Bilbo ... lmao
Does he realise how silly he looks??!!

She makes friends with Apple

Anton is blowing flower kisses at Candy ... which is dangerous, because she becomes obsessed with Anton for the next 8 hours.  Luckily he went not long after.

I start watching Red and Forrest, who seem to be quietly and blatantly stalking each other on and off.

Candy is now being bugged again by everyone because of her celebrity status.

Cello = "Leafy move away from the triffid ... she is dangerous!!"

Candy gets to finish the book she is reading for work, before she takes herself off home to bed.

I hang around watching what is going on.

I am howling at Red!!  Forrest is reading a book and she is obviously trying to get his attention --
she keeps cheering and screaming when he ignores her.

This is why I love watching these four sims in particular ... they never fail to entertain!!

I start to think, watching them, that this isn't the first time they have been messing about together.


That is interesting!!
No doubt with her it is baby sick already!!

Red and Forrest stayed there ALL NIGHT messing about, after everyone else had left.

That man is a fool!!!!!

I seriously hoped I wouldn't see much of Red this time ... but she is already off causing her drama, with Forrest again!!


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