Friday, 27 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 11

The town is full of elderly sims suddenly

Maize had a promotion coming out of work tonight.
He is now a Gene Therapist like Candy.

Benji is a scream!!!
He is pranking the whole house at the moment.

Blake is in his favourite place as usual.

Brad has now got a guitar and lost in his own little world.

Benji is rolling a lot of bowling wishes at the moment.
So he is getting to spend all of his out of school time in the hang out.

Candy is lost in her own little world of watercolours!

Benji is having his birthday

 Shit me!!!!  Red has ANOTHER baby bump!!

Benji gains the Excitable trait

LTW= Reach Max Influence in all Social Groups

Benji goes straight back to the bowling lane ... he wants to score 100 and get 3 strikes.

This seems to be Red's place to prowl for victims.

She is hitting on Leon who she keeps having an on off relationship with

Brad has been here all day playing his guitar.
He got his guitar level up to 5 already and has chosen his LTW = Rockstar

Blake has had a promotion
He is now a Minor Leaguer (level 4)

Now it is Turmerics turn

This I find very amusing - because T is Red's go to man ALL THE TIME in the rainbow files!!!
And yes they have half a dozen kids that will never see the light of day unfortunately

Now Mitchel

This is how I think she is getting herself into so much trouble!!
Those flower kisses are obsessing and killing all these guys!!
Forget Triffid ... she is a Venus Man Trap!!!

and the Venus Man Trap has a song ........

I get excited for a moment ... thinking Benji is heart farting a woman.
But he isn't ... it is Turmeric.

Anton has just come in with his two little half sisters in toe.
(Cello and Red's girls) that Red has dumped on him.
She left them with Anton while she is back living with Edwin



Since Candy and Maize have both become elderly --- they have looked more like a couple having a romantic relationship.

Benji is graduating ... but it glitched out.
Their trip to the town hall cancelled out.

Class Valedictorian and Most popular.

There is definitely a lot more woohoo going on with these two!!

Blake is now jogging all around town.

Yeah, Mallow is cute ... even when he is old!!
While Cello has lost all his ugly cuteness!

Blake has stopped his jogging and has found his way to the Bistro
Benji is in the park over the road - glued to Mallow

Old age napping!!

 Benji is very glued to Mallow!!
He is collecting kiss wishes.

It is a good job Cello has gone home and is not around at the moment

That baby bump looks ready to pop.
At the rate she is going, she is going to outlive her oldest eight children (who are now all elderly)

I thought for a moment Anton was paying some attention to his son.
It is Aaron, not Anton!!

Seriously Benji!!!????

Don't ask me how Benji and Mallow ended up in there, because I don't know!!
He has fulfilled his Mallow kiss wish all on his own!!

Such excitement!!!!
You are a naughty boy and Mallow is a dirty old man!!!

Benji finds his way over to to the Bistro to watch his brother - who has been there since last night.
He might be trying to look innocent, but he just got a public disgrace for public woohoo, so now the whole town knows!!

Forrest and Caramel are still going strong!!

SERIOUSLY ... HOW does Forrest keep getting away with it!!??

That is now 23 children!! 11 of them are his!!!!
(Notice she rarely has one at a time - it is always two or three!)

It is cute that Candy and Maize work the same shifts and come out of work at the same time.
Although it is not going to last ... Candy had a promotion today, she is now a Disease Researcher.

Both stressed out, there is only one place they are headed.
The photo booth over the road in the park!!

Join the queue!!  You will have to wait for Forrest and Caramel to finish first!!

Can you believe they are queuing up to use that thing .... lmao!!!

I have a challenge dream .. Photo booths (babies) V Time machines (Time children).
A world with no beds, just photo booths and time machines!!

Benji has been to the book store to buy comics to read ...
He wants to improve the influence of all three groups.

Blake is on another date.
This is Dara Orchid (One of Mulberry and Ice's many children)

ANOTHER one with a boyfriend!!!  She is engaged to Leon

Attack of the flies!!

Blake is rocking the T-Shirt!!

I am loving Benji ....  he and his LTW are very interesting!!
He still has not rolled any work related wishes - he is too busy trying to improve his group influence - and he is rolling wishes I have NEVER seen before!!

Blake rolls in after being a dirty stop out .... and I see I have missed something!!
I am WANDERING WHO he has been doing pubic woohoo with!!
Dara or someone else?  I left him on his date not thinking it was going anywhere!

Kimberly comes home after school with Brad.
She is Marty's daughter.

You see the family resemblance ... right?!
The yellow hair - red skin and red eyes ... which all comes from the Shine family - Maize being a Shine and having exactly the same colouring!!!

So how does this happen??!!

Romantically attached (shock horror)

Kimberly is Blakes Aunt ... the child of Maize's Neice.
Which makes Brad and Kimberly second cousins!!
This game is so wrong sometimes!!!

Yeah Benji, I would be pulling faces too!!

Its incest in my book!!


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