Saturday, 28 October 2017

Candy Door 2 - Update 12

Edwin is OFF HIS HEAD!!!!
He does actually marry her for a THIRD time ....
(I somehow lost the screenshot - probably because of how much I was laughing.)

More fool him!!

It is funny how all these new paintings keep making me think about songs
This made me think of  THIS SONG
(Which ironically for me is one of Forrests TCE songs)

Candy and Maize both have the day off work ...
and no doubt this is where they will spend most of the day.

Benji goes on the best date ever ... not!!

Haley turns up  .. a heavily pregnant married woman who brings her toddler along for the ride!!!

Woohoo ... while I am happy to see him heart farting a woman ..........

Walk away Benji ... this one has way too much baggage!!

and a hot headed razor sharp tongue!!

Haley:  "You are late - you cretin!!"

and look who is over the road watching ... the hubby!!

Walk away Benji ... you have bowling to do and arcade and slot machines to play!!

Well that stary coat is unusual!!
His name it Ratz ....

Who needs a job when you can walk away from the slots with £16,752 winnings

and he gets an even bigger smile on your face after woohooing with Mallow - his old man!!
Who incidentally must have a very high woohoo level ... because Benji is very satisfied, but I doubt Mallow is getting such a good experience!!

Yes I am back to my obbssessive painting picture taking (tut!!)

Blake is chilling in the hot tub with one of the paps

Mallow has peed himself and gone home so Benji is no longer distracted and back to his bowling

Regan Sharpe (apparantly) is Benji's uncle ... HOW exactly?!
For the life of me I can not work it out, especially with him being one of Viola and Liam Sharpe's teenagers ... but Maize now has 22 siblings - so there must be a connection there somewhere ... even if I can't find him on the family tree or work it out!!  lmao

Brad is taking a risk pranking the computer while his parents sleep behind him.

You know Maize is so getting that scary screen!!

They might all be asleep .... but I can see you!!!

and now they can hear you!!

He flies out of the bedroom like a Rottwieler!!

Brad:  "Have that you dirty thief!!"

Brad got a £500 reward off the policeman for stopping the burglar!!

Then he got a rollocking later in the morning for oversleeping, because of his disturbed sleep during the night, which made him late for school!!
So much for being the hero!!
Blake even super hero's need their sleep!!!!

Surprisingly Benji is the first one to become a 5 star Celebrity!!
Although I think sleeping with Mallow and being Red's best friend (both 5 star celebs) has help with bumping up his stars.

The triffid is stalking her favourite Leaf in the park .. lmao

Blake is in the park because he wants to learn Martial Arts

 Red and Forrests last set of twins are annoying everyone scream the place down.
They have been dumped on the grass and are being totally ignored, especially by their parents.
Eventually Forrest does deal with one of them.

and there it is ..... the Venus Man Trap at work

Forrest has now gone completely stupid!!! 

Woohoo (I've only just noticed) Red is now elderly .... no more babies!!
Leafy your wallet is now safe!!

Yes Blake ... your Grandmother is embarrassing!!

Blake suddenly springs out of the hot tub very quickly

....... and I'm like WHAT!!??

I think his one time public woohoo has just caught up with him!!!

There is a baby coming out of the hospital over the road ... HIS BABY!!!!

Blake wants to snuggle the baby .... and get married!!

There is a problem there ..... she is already married to Leon
and I am not sure they really like each other THAT much!!

One look at her traits and I back away quickly ...
No Sence of Humour - Mean Spirited - Insane - Evil - Kleptomaniac ... WHAT!!
Not even their star signs are compatible ... how the hell they ended up woohooing is beyond me!!

At least his baby has half decent traits = Athletic - Eccentric

He looks like he would make a decent Dad too ... a lot better than his own!!!

Its a shame there is no way to take custody of a child - without using mods to cheat!!!

I doubt Candy even realises she is now a Grandmother!!

Brad is just coming out of Prom
to have his birthday

He gains the Hopeless Romantic Trait
LTW =  Rock Star

On the way home he pops into the theatre to get a job

That sink!!!!
Have you noticed Maize and Candy are permanently attached at the hip these days.

Brad is graduating

There are six gruaduating today including Brad.
They are all Maize-Shines or Bramley-Charms

(I love these sp double barrel names - because I know who their parents are without looking!)

Everywhere I look I see that yellow Shine hair!!
she is a Bramley-Shine ... lol

Jude Charm is expiring.

I doubt his graduating daughter is ever going to forget her graduation day!!

Most likely to be a Rock Star

Scarlet and Mustard are still going strong!

just like Candy and Maize .. lol

Blake is talking to one of his many Aunts - Fatima
Forrest just passed away too ... so the triffid is going to be heart broken right about now!!

What the hell Blake!!??
He obviously must have a death wish ... her collection of traits are more than evil!!

No accident this time ... I don't think!

He goes and gets himself romantically attached to a women who has just got divorced
(because of Blakes baby, Leon divorced her.)

and has already moved onto one of Blakes Uncles - Elvis.
She is just too complicated ... so unless he specifically wishes to marry her - he wont be!!

Blake is so sweet ... he keeps rolling wishes to snuggle his baby!!

So he takes another trip round to the house to find his daughter very neglected and on the floor

Fed and nappy changed, she is happy again

I swear Candy has gone earlier than she should!!

Maize still has 6 days left ... so Candy should have had two more days!!

Candy does not go in the normal way!!
She goes outside, jumps on her broomstick and flies off down the road!!

Well I have NEVER seen that before!!

I would LOVE to know who Grim is chatting with!!

Awww poor Maize!

Candy never got to complete her LTW ... she only needed one more friend.

Family fund $85,972

and as this Door is now closing ... I stole Blake's daughter!!

I was a little puzzled as to why she has Cello's hair!!

Dara is not Mulberry and Ice's child like I thought ... she is their Grandchild!!
Dara is Carlton (Cello and Mallow's son)  and Junipers child ... 

Door two is now closed ...
but I will definitely be coming back to this one!!

Onto Door 3 ..........................

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