Saturday, 14 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 19

Ice randomly comes to visit

Don't even go there Chace!!!  She is another man eating heart breaking bike!!

I am actually shocked that Ice has been very quiet in this town.  She is still married to Mulberry and they have four children.

Chace is now a medical Intern and onto reading medical journals

Blame it on the Midlife Crisis!!
Clover has suddenly gone stupid!!

Clarke is now a Pop Icon and at level 9 of his carreer ...
that is why he is wearing those stupid glasses!!

Charlie is never very impressed when someone jumps on the game console while he is watching TV.
He needs his own room, couch and TV I think lol

Charlie is writing his third book.

While Candy reads his last book, that she just fetched out of the mail.

Candy wants to visit the graveyard.

It gave me the chance to get out all the graves ... now it looks like a cemetery!!

Leon is now Elderly

Chad is next door with his three children

Dana is now a teenager

Half of the house have rolled a wish for a clothes dryer.
This tickles me a little as they don't have a washing machine yet .... and wouldn't it be logical to wish for a washing machine first!!

So that dryer will have to sit there redundantly until someone wishes for a washing machine!

None of the witches find this very often.

Candy finishes the book that she started right back at the beginning of her journey

Clover is having a brain fart!!
She wants to marry Kip!!

She also want a baby .... a girl

Baby chimes.

Clarke is now jumping on the maid as soon as she walks through the door ... she is now not being paid to clean but to sleep with Clarke lmao!!!

Candy and Kip were fighting and she has got him chilling out.
After she cast Ice Blast at him

I think the only people who likes Kip in this house are his two children!
Clover, straight after she married him, rolled a wish to Divorce Kip!!  It is the mid life crisis.

Kane goes to prom.
He is prom King and got himself a romantic interest ... Glenda

Candy is now a Great-Grandmother.

and she can't wait to tell someone about it!!

Kip = Yawn  "Is that the time!!  Seriously I need to dash!"

to the fridge!!

Kane wants to send Glenda a love letter!

Clarke is a scream!!!
He got a date phone call from Tonya ... and this is what I found him doing when I checked on him.

He gets himself a fourth romantic interest ... he must have nothing else on his mind other than improving his woohoo skill!!

Oops that complicates things!!!
Baby chimes!!!

Saffron is out again ... strangely in the day time

I am not sure I have seen this before!!
A ghost mourning and crying at his own grave!!

He then goes out and takes off in a limo ??!!

Neil is now a young adult.
That boy is just too cute!!!  He looks very much like his Granddad Mallow!!

Erik is still living with his parents.  So he is going to be another who is hit with Child Support very soon!!

I can not say that I have ever seen this before either, outside of playing a fire fighter sim!!

A fire engine screaming through the street ....

because a house in town is on fire

The Leaf house
Ervin was okay ... I watched him, Robbie and Lindsay run off down the street.

Baby bump

Charlie is a VERY strange child!!
Stir crazy again - I sent him to the consignment store this time.

He stood there like a gormless idiot for ages ... then went straight home!!

Clarke is now at the top of his career .... he is a Rock Star

Kiran now gets to sleep with his Grandma every night.

Felix is out having an adventure

First he is fishing

Then he goes making friends with one of the new sim who have moved into the house over the road.
(Mallow - Cello and Carlton have all passed away now)

He curls up on their side and goes to sleep.
I guess he will come home when he is hungry!!!

Turmeric phoned Candy and asked her on a date.

They get on so well and make friends so quickly ... she wants to give him a gift

I found it funny that she randomly rolled the wish to woohoo with Turmeric

Talk about going out with a bang ... lmao

Woohoo over and it is time for Candy to leave us!!

She lived 10 days after the cat saved her from Grim last time.

Turmeric = "Well that is just charming!!"

Maybe in another life T ... lol!!

Chace just appeared.
I think he was just coming out of work, which is not too far away from the spa

I didn't realise cat's mourned too!!!

Family fund = $202,917

Door 1 is now closed.

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