Saturday, 7 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 9

It is Leisure day .. so there is no work or school today.

While Saffron and Candy are doing something constructive ....

the boys are doing nothing but playing with their IF dolls.

Candy is doing the second painting to hang on the wall.

Chad wanders off and I find him with the stray cat that has been living outside the gym

He rolls his LTW ... The Animal Rescuer
which means he needs to adopt 6 stray animals ... 

The tap is broken and everyone is just ignoring the flood

The bathroom is flooded too - the toilet is clogged up and over flowing
or is that because her waters have just broken!!  lmao
The baby is on its way.

A little girl ... CLOVER

Saffron is having his birthday and becoming a mature adult

Just a few new wrinkles - and NO midlife crisis - woohoo

Clarke is having his birthday

He gained the Workaholic trait

That boy is PAINFULLY thin!!!

and finally Candy is also finally having her birthday 
(She was 3 days older than Saffron - but because she was pregnant they are now exactly the same age)

Surprisingly Candy is not having a midlife crisis either!!

They are going to need a boat soon!!
Not one of them has wished to repair that broken tap yet ... so it has to stay broken!

Clover is human like Saffron
So only one of their three children is a witch like Candy - Clarke.

Saffron finally manages to cook pancakes without starting a fire!!

I think Candy is content to be a stay at home mom and spend all day doing her garden.
She isn't wishing for new friends or a job.

Poor Jeb spent hours mopping up the continuous flood - lol

Clarke is really good with his baby sister.

Chad went home with Erika after school, so he is in the Ugli house over the road.

Erika is like Chad - they both have no signs of their ugli parent in them.
Erika takes after Mallow.

Chad is already a 3 star celebrity

Clarke has the virtuoso trait and he wanted to learn the guitar skill

Now the bath taps are broken!!

Yes and the laptop and kitchen sink is still broken!!
The place is a wreck!!

How cute ..... Chad is chatting on the phone with Erika
They are best friends  ... I wander if she is a future girlfriend for him.

Saffron is being sappy!!

I am amused when Cello phones Candy asking if his child can play with her child.
Cello didn't come over, Erika came on her own.
One way to dump your kid on the neighbours on a Saturday to get her from under your feet!!

Clarke wants to repair the broken tap

Saffron and Candy spend most of the day in the bedroom.
He seems to have forgotten all about Mint!

Clarke is on a roll and gets the bath tap repaired too.

That is the first time I have seen Clarke playing with his magic.
Candy rarely plays with hers either.

Clover is having her birthday

another cutie!!
Like Chad she has no signs of ugli in her.

Her green eyes come from her plant Grandmother.

I think they need a bigger table - lol

Saffron teaches Clover to talk

Candy ramdomly is being stupid - trying to repair the broken lap top.
Thankfully it paid off, she fixed it without electrocuting herself!!

Candy is at the local hangout - she wants to make some new friends.

Like I said it might ... the game has turned all four Keaton boys into plants when they aged up to mature adult.  Ashley now visibly looks like a plant ... but he still has human skin.

Larry is now a teenager

She gets to know and make friends with Blueberry Orchid. 
(There are still quite a few sims in this town that Candy is yet to run into)

Candy does not want to go on a date with you!!!

She spent most of her time playing on the arcade game with Ashley.

Someone needs to tell Caramel what Forrest is up to!!  lol

Caramel becomes Candy's 16th friend ... she only needs 4 more to complete her LTW.

Candy teaches Clover to walk

I hoped Clover would be thier last child - but no!
Baby chimes coming from the bedroom - so they are now having a fourth child.

Daddy makes a start on Clovers potty training.

Spookily Clover reminds me a lot of Honey, Saffrons sister - but it might be because she is all yellow like he is.


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