Sunday, 8 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 10

Without thinking I put Story Progression into my game 😡
I should really have waited until I had finished this challenge.

Anyway, the launcher did something stupid - cut out one of my Stuff Packs - the Katy Perry one - so if you wander why the playground equipment has changed that is why.

Candy now wants to max her gardening skill, so she is still spending a lot of her time out in the garden.
She is actually boring me!!

Clarke goes to prom

Saffron has had another promotion and is now Vice Squad

Blueberry rang the door bell and Chad let him in.
He went into the bedroom and woke Saffron and Candy up shouting through a mega phone, then left!!

Candy has another baby bump
and the bath is broken again!

These pop ups really amused me.
These two bad married men have stray children with Red and that is why they are having to pay child support.

diddling around ... that is one way to put it I suppose - lmao!!!

Saffron now has a police car and drives himself to work - so he does now get to finish cooking and eating before he goes to work ... late nearly every day - tut!!

Clarke was prom king

Weirdly he has just been to prom and there is another one on Friday.
Erika phones and asks him to be her date at prom .... he accepts - but he has his birthday on Thursday so he won't be going to prom with her!!

I spot Susana and Josephine running past with Red and a couple of the plant boys ...
these two are the children that Forrest is having to pay child support for.

Candy and Saffron now have the eternally faithful reputation

Saffron came out of work early today ... to nap on the bench outside work!!

Just don't rant about death!!

Saffron and Candy both want to teach Clarke to drive ... Saffron gets the honor of doing it

because Candy is busy .... the baby is coming

and at the same time Chad is having his birthday

and the baby ....

Charlie ... another boy

Chad is like Clarke ... painfully thin.

I am not sure what went on with Clarkes driving lesson
because they are stood by the park - stressed as hell and angry with each other - lol

insecting his new baby when he gets home.

Clover is having her birthday later today - and she is going to need a bedroom
So the house has just had an extention

Clarke is also having his birthday today

Not again!!

Finally someone notices they live right opposite the beach and ocean!!!

Candy wants to play in the ocean with Clover.

Clarke thinks ... sod my last day at school ... so he doesn't bother to go!!
Strangely he didn't get scolded for it either.

Chad wants to enroll in an afterschool activity .... so he is now going to music club

Clover is having her birthday

she gains the Neurotic trait

and Clarke is becoming a young adult

he gained the Handy trait

LTW = Life of the Rich and Famous

he needs to become a 5 star celebrity ... he is 4 star
he needs a family fund of $100,000 ... they have 78,000
so he is not too far away from achieving it!!

Clovers Logic skill jumps up to level 3 from this bedtime story.

Candy is driving me mad - all her wishes are now baby related ones!!
She has a wish for a girl - she wants a child with Saffron (like they don't already have 4)
and she just rolled a wish to have 5 children in total.

It looks like Forrest and Mallow are getting used to paying child support

Clarke is graduating

I am a little confused because Red and 5 of her children also go into graduation at the same time.
I thought maybe Larry is graduating and the same time as Clarke - but he doesn't.

So does SP get other family members attend graduation too?
Red being Clarkes Grandmother and her children being his Aunts and Uncles?!

Forrest and Caramel look very cosy on that bench.
How is he not in trouble for messing about with Red behind her back?

Most likely to burn the house down ... lol
That is his Dad's job!!

I guess now Larry is an adult - Mallow doesn't have to pay child support anymore - lol

Like you would need to ask your brother for his autograph!!

That pap is verging on becoming Candy's creepy stalker ... not only does he follow Candy everywhere, he is always sending her love letters, gifts and phoning for a date.

Chad is getting to know his two Aunts

I am amused when I spot Red and Forrest flirting with each other.
Saffrons face!!

Forrest:  "Please tell me that baby bump has nothing to do with me .. I can't afford to pay any more child support!!"

Charlie is having his birthday -
outside the town hall because they hung around literally all day

ANOTHER one with no signs of ugi,

Traits = Excitable - Slob

They are killing me - not one of them is wishing to repair, upgrade or buy new and expensive things.  So nothing is getting changed.

Oh yes Forrest - you snake!!!  Now you have more child support to cough out LMAO!!!!
How does Caramel not know what he is up to behind her back?!

After the way they behave in Rainbow babies ... now this!!
Four children they have together now.

OMG!!!  I am howling
He needs to start thinking with his head - because he is going to bankrupt himself keep having affair children with Red!!

He he!!  I like the wish that Chad has just rolled.
He wants to kiss Erika

That can be arranged!!

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