Friday, 6 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 8

Yeah I guess eating a tomato after burning the pancakes is a better option!!

Candy finishes off Chad's potty training

Now that they are married - Candy and Saffron are both getting date phone calls constantly.
This time it is Mustard phoning Saffron for a date .
I don't think Mustard has realised yet that Saffron is not gay in this life!!

Father and Son bonding over a game of chess - while they both improve their logic skill.

and Candy is outside getting to know the new Pap that has replaced Jarrad.

Candy wants to meet somebody new ... and I have spotted something on the family tree that she can investigate.

Red has had twins, so Saffron has two new baby half sisters.


and Josephine

Those two girls look a very suspicious and familiar shade of green to me!!!

The town bike strikes again!!!

These two girls are not her husbands children!!!  They are not even Mallow's like the last stray child that she had .....
These two belong to Forrest ... so she is at her third man in town ... and I am VERY amused that she managed to find and seduce Forrest after how she behaves with him in Rainbow Babies!!

Both girls have Forrest's skin - hair eyes and ears!!


While she is there, Candy gets to know Aaron ... so she now has 11 friends

Saffron has managed to get himself another quick promotion.
I get a sneaky feeling that Mint, his boss, might have a crush on him - they are best friends and she keeps sending him love letters and making date phone calls.

Hello Mr Turtle ... where did you come from?

I hear baby chimes coming from the bedroom
so Chad and Clark have another brother or sister on the way

Clarke is a little swat.
He has an A grade at school already and is always playing chess.

Candy is not crying over the state of the place - she is still mourning Jarrad.
However she does roll a wish for a maid, while she is watching Saffron spring cleaning the place!!

I am not sure that Clarke is too impressed with the book that just has pictures of banana's, jelly beans and cows in it!!

One broken laptop - Clarke has blown it up playing chess.

This is Jeb the new maid.

He didn't have a lot of housework to do after Saffron's spring clean, so he spent most of his time bugging Candy for autographs and photographs

Candy STILL has not finished her second painting yet!!

Saffron goes AWOL from work, I didn't realise until the "If Saffron doesn't improve his work performance" call came.

I found him with half of the town watching the invisible man performing (cough)

I am amused to see that Caramel has got ANOTHER baby bump brewing
Forrest is cracking me up right now - he has 4 babies / toddlers at home - two at Red's house and more on the way at home!!

It is quite cute seeing Larry getting to know his half Sister Erika, who lives with his Dad, who he probably doesn't know and hasn't met yet.

About an hour before her mature adult birthday, Candy sprouts a baby bump.
So her birthday is now on hold until after the baby is born.

Idiot in the room!!
With no handiness skill he randomly tries to repair the broken computer

Confused because it is still broken ...

back away from the computer you idiot, before you kill yourself!!
Thankfully he did!!

Chad is sleeping on the carpet tonight it seems!

Finally Candy remembers she has the artistic trait.
She wants to decorate the walls with 2 paintings

Candy wants to hang out with Celeste, so she has to go to the consignment store because she is ALWAYS at work.

She gets to meet Plum properly because he has escaped his food register and is hanging around by the fruit and veg carts outside.

Instant friends ... 3 traits in common and they have compatible star signs.
She now has 13 friends

In another life maybe!!
He is the most compatible man she has met yet.

Constipation face!!

Amusingly, Saffron somehow manages to bring Mint home from work with him.

Yes Candy I would watch them too!!
Saffron is having very naughty thoughts .... he wants to kiss Mint!!

Chad is having his birthday

He gains the Animal Lover trait

He is a cute boy ... he takes after his Dad

Candy interups Saffron asking Mint to watch the stars together ... so it didn't happen.
Look at his face!!

Candy and Mint do get to chat quite a bit and she becomes Candy's 14th friend
but I doubt that friendship will last long if Saffron has his way!!

I think she already knows!!

So what does Candy do .....
drags Saffron off into the bedroom to remind him where he is at!!

Mint was left watching TV while they went to sleep.

How rude to treat your guest like that ... lol