Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 7

Saffron is invited to his Mother's party,

Notice, she has ANOTHER baby bump!!

This is Larry.
Saffron's half brother ... Red and Mallow's child.

Larry is human like his Dad ... he is showing no signs of being a plant sim (no flower trails)
Plant sims are not supposed to have human children - but this copy of Red always does.

Clarke now being a child, the boys need a bedroom.
Which has left Candy and Saffron with only £1,000 in the family fund.

Yeah, I'm not sure I would want to crawl into a bed with someone that dirty either.
Interestingly Saffron sleeps better while he is napping than sleeping properly.

Finally Candy finds the bath.

The $46 gem pieces have grown into a spire worth $32,499

Feeding time at the zoo!

Candy cooked breakfast this morning, so Saffron didn't get to start a fire today, and he did actually get to eat before he went to work for a change!!!

The second spire that was worth £6,900 has now grown into a bigger spire worth $42,000.
So they now have $75,000 in their family fund.

Not having any more money worries, prompted  Candy to roll the wish to QUIT her job.
So she is now unemployed until she wishes for another job, if she ever does.

Both Candy and Saffron started rolling wishes for playground equipment for Clarke, she he now has a playground in the back garden to play on.

Saffron has had a promotion, he is now a Traffic Cop

They have both rolled a wish to have another child -
and even though they have tried a few time, it has not happened yet.
(because they keep going for Risky - instead of try for baby)

There have been a stray cat and stray dog living outside the gym for a few days now.
The dog looks so old and sad  ... he needs a home!!

Candy is on the hunt for more friends, so she is at the local hangout.

I'm nervous about Candy finally getting round to talking to Cello!!!
He is a flirty bisexual tart and like Red usually ends up with babies all over the place after having a load of affairs.

She also meets Apple Bramley

At home Chad is having his birthday

Chad is a cutie!!!
He gets his green hair and eyes from his plant Grandmother.

He is human like his Dad.

Seriously Candy!!!!
She is getting amorous with the wrong brother!!!!
Thankfully she went home after that.

I wish one of them would wish for a maid or even bonehilda!!
The house is a pit .... and more fool Saffron for getting into that disgusting bath!!

Chad is definitely going to take after his Daddy.

Candy teaches Chad to walk

It is Saturday so Clarke get to test out his new playground

I am amused when Red phones Saffron and asks if her kids can come round to play with his kids.
So he has his Mother and half-brother visiting.

For once - she is getting to know one of her Grandchildren!

and her son!!

I wander if Saffrons next half brother or sister is going to be Mallows again or Martys - lol

How cute ... they look like a proper little family!!

Chad is having a nosey at his strange looking Grandmother!

Saffron teaches Chat to talk

Candy and Red are still best friends so it was natural that they hang out together.

Larry asked for a bedtime story and he went to sleep, but left at midnight like Red did.

Clarke keeps rolling the wish to play chess ... so he now has a chess table in his bedroom.

Outside Jarrad is now on fire because of the heat exposure from the sun

Candy and Saffron are inside oblivious to what is happening outside

They come out when Grim arrives ... when it is too late!

Poor Candy has just lost one of her friends!!



  1. Your wishacy are always so much fun. It's like a roller coaster ride haha.

  2. Your wishacy are always so much fun. It's like a roller coaster ride haha.