Monday, 2 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 6

OMG!!!!  I spy a half invisible man over the road.
Yes ... Malow is having ANOTHER baby!!

(Although really I should not be surprised because Cello, his husband, is a baby machine like Red!!)
I notice Mallow is the one always drawing the short straw of having the babies!!

Saffron who has had to swat up on his logic skill for work, wanted to buy a telescope, and now he wants to find a star.
(but I doubt he is going to do that in the daytime - lol)

Candy has picked up a wild shrew.   Who she now wants to put in a tank.

She collected the mail on the way in.
She has love letters off Celeste and Crimson.

Saffron found that star eventually!!

They can not even watch the stars together in peace!!
Candy is now a 4 star and Saffron is a 3 star celebrity.

The baby is coming

Saffron is too busy cooking breakfast to even realise.

Tut!!  The shrew has escaped before we got round to getting a tank for it.
Candy probably scared it with all the screaming that she is doing!

Oops!!  Saffron has set fire to the kitchen again.
Going off to work and leaving pancakes cooking!!

He still does not realise that his second baby is on the way.

Clarke showing the signs that he is a witch.
Disappearing and reappearing his toy car.

Saffron inspects his new baby when he gets back from work.

another little boy

Traits = Heavy Sleeper - Good

This must be an artistic thing.
It is summer and she is carving pumpkins ... but then there is only summer on this island - lol

She chats to Jarrad (one of the paps) for ages

Candy now has 9 friends

Candy got lucky and found a Tiberium gem

A Spire worth $6,900 and gem piece worth $46 are left out in the garden to grow

and here he goes AGAIN!!
Lmao ... this is nearly every damn day!!


Off he goes leaving the pancakes cooking

Candy is woken up by the smoke alarm

Saffron now has a song .... Firestarter 

This time she gets a little too close, and she is also on fire.

Thankfully the fireman saves the day and puts her out.

Yes Saffron .... you might wander why your wife is in that state!!!

 Candy really is not having a good day

She should really be cleaning herself not the toilet!!

Help!!!!!  I am stuck!!

Clarke is having his birthday

He gains the excitable trait


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  1. LOL at Saffron starting so many pancake fires. And my gosh Clarke is so cute! Which is surprising because his mother is not! Makes me want to do this challenge and start it with an ugly founder as well. Hmmmmmm.