Thursday, 28 September 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 5

Candy now has another public disgrace ... for having a child out of wedlock.

The little bit of money that Saffron brought into the house with him, when he moved in - allowed them to buy a television

Traits = Athletic - Natural Cook - Nurturing - Light Sleeper - Friendly
LTW= International Super Spy

Saffron now has a job at the police station


Traits = Genius and Virtuoso
He is a witch like Candy.

Candy's wishes have moved away from making friends a little, because she is now focusing on wanting to teach Clarke to walk, talk and potty train him.

Saffron is a light sleeper.
I have never really paid much attention to light sleeping sims before, but Saffron is terrible.  Constantly tossing and turning .... so bad he actually woke Candy up and she got out of bed, had a grumble and him being noisy, and went to sleep on the couch!!

He is probably having nightmares about his awful mother and childhood (cough)

Candy has rolled a wish to have another child .... but I am leaving them do that on their own.
The Woohoo mod is set to autonomous, so it will happen when they make it happen.

They make their second child straight away.
Baby Chimes

Saffron being Red's son means that Candy is now Red's daughter in law and it has opened up quite a family tree for her already. (7 brother-in-law's and a Sister-in-law)

AND Red strikes again ... the baby bump that you have seen her walking around with has hatched - the little boy that she has had is not Marty's baby .... it is Mallows baby!!

Saffron rolls wishes to get in on the potty training

I spot Mallow over the road with his and Cello's little boy.  I haven't seen their girl yet.
Like I haven't seen the little boy he has created with Red yet either ... tut!

Finally Candy gets her gardening skill to level 6.

She goes out beause she wants to collect some rocks.

Saffron spends a lot of his time working out.

Baby sick

Saffron is cooking pancakes when the car pool turns up to take him to work.
He stops cooking and just walks out

I can see what is going to happen here watching the still cooking pancakes getting blacker and blacker!!

Thanks Saffron ... the cooker is now on Fire!!

Her second baby bump pops .... so she is now back on 5 days maternity leave.

The fire is now getting out of control, which Candy does not seem to have any intention of trying to put out!

Luckily there is a smoke alarm, so a fire engine pulls up outside and a fireman comes to put out the fire.

and she doesn't miss the opportunity to start making friends with the fireman.

Drama over, Candy wants to cut some of the gems that she has collected, so she goes to the Consignment store to use the gem cutting machine.

Of course she can't keep away from Celeste!!


She consigns all the cut gems and gem dust, to make some money.

She also wants to plant a pumpkin, so she brought some off plum before she went home.

Saffron has had a promotion, he is now a Desk Jockey

The problem when you dont keep intouch with your friends ... you lose them!!
Her friendship with Mitchel has slipped away because of the none contact, which she wants to get back again.

After a chat they are friends again.

Candy seems to be on a nature hype at the moment, wanting to collect rocks and wild flowers.

She is also very curious of the metal thing sitting in the garden and goes to inspect it.

Yes she turned it on and out pops Emit, the time traveller

They now have an almanac of time

She wants to bcome good friends with Emit ... which happens quite quickly.

She now has 8 friends

I have to laugh at Saffron ....

He left to go to work, however he didn't get there, he must have got distracted and ended up playing in the sea and sunbathing on the beach all day instead!!


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