Saturday, 14 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 18

So Candy is back!!
She came back stressed and is no longer broken hearted!
and the best thing ... her wishes start rolling like a slot machine again.

To relieve her stress ... she talks to someone on line.

She wants to decorate the walls with 5 paintings
She has already hung 3 so she needs to paint another two.

She gets a date phone call off Adam Keaton
why not ... she is now single again.

They go into the Bistro because Candy is hungry

The date didn't go too well ... he as usual starts to be mean
Date over!!

She went over to the park and spoke to Cello and Crimson, then went home.

Clarke is pretty obsessed with Ervin right now.

Clarke was a little too slow .... because Ervin is now married to Cello!!

Charlie is making me laugh.  Every time he is stir crazy I send him out.
He generally speaks to no one and never hangs around ... he is home most times before his stir crazy moodlet has ran out.

Saffron is out

Kane is trying to eat, until Saffron decides to have some fun with him and take him for a ride

More presents for Candy lol

What the hell is wrong with that guy?!
Kip is naked again ... and fighting with Charlie this time

Ewww that has got to have hurt him!!
Never fight with a witch - because they are likely to throw something nasty at you!!

Candy is painting some strange paintings!!
That is the 5 paintings to decorate the walls.

Oh please!!  That boy is traumatised enough - lol

Charlie is distracting the maid before she has finished cleaning.
He got himself romantically attached to her while they were on the date the other day, so I get the feeling he will be distracting her a lot.

He wants to improve his woohoo skill ... so anyone is game for him right now!!

I am pretty shocked as well as very amused to find Felix inside the local hangout socialising with his MOTHER!!!  Nei'lle is Chad's cat!!

Kane is having his birthday

He gains the Snob trait

Kip is the local hangout after doing a sing-o-gram for someone in there.

Felix randomly decides to attack him and scratch him up!!
That must be for fighting with his favourite witches ... lol

I love this cat he is so funny!!

I spot Ervin is here .... so Clarke comes over - so that he can get some of his wishes done.

That is definitely public woohoo!!!!
Poor Blueberry is trying to use the toilet and they just ignore him.

Candy is back on her gardening hype ... wanting to find seeds and garden

Neil is now a teenager

Hello Chad

Candy decides she wants to meet someone new and become friends with someone

So I used those wishes to track down her three Grandchildren

I am amused when Chad phones her for a chat

Erik is now an adult and he has a girlfriend and baby on the way

She found Dana in one of the beach houses on the beach.
This is the first time that we have seen her.

All three of Chad's children are gorgeous!!

Candy chills out and sleeps in one of the rocking chairs for the rest of the night.

Tell me you aren't!!

She is!!  Lol!

Robbie seems to approve of her surfing lol

She speaks to Turmeric properly for the first time
They are pretty compatible!!

Out come the pictures of the Grandchildren - lol

When she got back from the beach - she decided she wants to paint a portrait of Felix

When they said Charlie was most likely to never leave home - they weren't joking!!
He has no friends other than his family - oh and the sofa is backside is glued to permanantly.
I doubt he will ever get a girlfriend and have any children!!

Kiran is having his birthday

Clover comes home from work - planning to accuse Kip of cheating again.
Lucky for him, he is just driving off in the car to do another sing-o-gram

Clover is having her birthday

She is having a Mid Life Crisis!!

I get the feeling that Kip might be the but of all her MLC wishes!!


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