Friday, 13 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 17

By the mad crowd that started to congregate outside the town hall ...
Chace is not the only one graduating today.

Gerard Orchid is also graduation

Cecil Orchid-Ugli is also graduating

There were so many people there hardly any of them actually got inside the town hall!!

and finally Trisha Grape-Keaton is also graduating

He is a cute little boy - I have totally lost track of who all these children belong to, because there are so many!!

Chace is most likely to take over the world

but not just yet ... he needs a nap first!!

River and Amber (Kips brother and sister) stare at Kane, their nephew
like they didn't know he existed until now!!

Saffron tickled me boasting about his Grandchildren to Bilbo (Kips Dad)

Well that is it!!
There life bars are full ...

I wander if tomorrow is going to be the day.
They are exactly the same age - so they could very well go together!!

The baby is coming.

and we have a new maid ... this one does at least tidy up!!

Clover and Kip come back from the hospital with another little boy.


Candy and Saffron got the 5 Grandchildren that they wanted.

We start to get lots of pop ups ....
Mallow - Marty - Liam Sharpe - Aaron, Patterns and Mint all pass away today

That is a new one I have NEVER seen anyone paint before.

Oh boy!!
I don't even know why Kip is using the toilet stark naked!!!

but I have a good idea (Livvie - I think you might too - lmao)

So hacked off with Chace for walking in on him ... he forgets he is still naked and chases after him to have a go at him.

Chace = "I'm surprised you can do anything with that maggot!!"

The game was not kind to him - he seriously does need the slider adjusting on his man parts LMAO!!!

and just to prove it isn't ..... he spends the rest of the day walking around the house totally naked

Don't look Candy ... you might have a coronary!!

Poor Kane is not having a good day ....
first he wets himself - probably traumatised watching his dad walk around naked

then he breaks the BRAND NEW bath trying to clean himself!!

Uncle Clarke to the rescue!

Clarke is now a Lead Guitarist

It looks like Chad and Erika don't have any more money worries!!

Finally he is dressed lol

Candy and Saffron are both close to 3 days overtime and still going strong!!

It is called incontinence.
Candy just had an accident and Saffron being the gentleman he is, cleaned up the mess.

Clarke is on a date ... with the new maid - lol
She phoned him.

Kip is having a fight on the streets with one of his romantic interests.
She now has a boyfriend and is pregnant - he is living with Clover and has two children .....
so I guess they have a lot to fight about

They end up breaking off their romantic connection - so that is one less for Clover to worry about

I am neurotically watching these two now ... waiting for Grim to put in an appearance 😟

Kiran is having his birthday

I am a little shocked .... he is a witch too!!!

Saffron's time is up.

Bye Saffron!!  Sniff!

and of course she is heartbroken!

Saffron's grave is now out in the back garden

Kip starts Kiran's potty training and teaches him how to talk

As much as I hate to see any my sims die off.
I will be happy to get this Door finished.  Candy has been this blank minded for ages

Ervin phoned and invited Clarke over to hang out.

Earlier I saw a pop up saying that Ervin and Cello have just got engaged!!
Cello is another one who has moved on quickly after Mallow passed away.

Cello was actually leaving the house when Clarke arrived.
However, it didn't seem to make any difference to them!!

Cello who?!

Ervin's brother, Robbie is all grown up now

Kiran got an IF doll, but he strangely is not playing with it much

I am laughing at Candy - randomly teaching Kiran to walk

The day after Saffron went ... it is her turn

That poor boy has had both of his Grandparents pass away in front of him!!

So that is the end of Door 1 ... or so I thought!!

With Candy gone .... I am amused watching Felix having a go at Grim
NOT REALISING what the cat was actually doing!!!


and just like that .... Candy is back in a cloud of sparkles!!

Yeah, you praise the cat Candy!!
I just want to strangle it!!! lmao!!

Clover never saw that coming!!

I wonder how much extra time Grim is going to give Candy before he returns for her again?


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