Friday, 13 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 16

Clover and Kip are pretty much ignoring each other in a romantic sense.


he has no sign of his Dad in him, other than his blueish skin.

I haven't said ...

Kip Grape
Traits = Vegitarian - Athletic - Artistic - Natural Born Performer - Diva
LTW = Vocal Legand

He and Clover have NOTHING in common and I seriously can not see their relationship lasting!!

Kip teaches Kane to talk

I feel like I am going mad.

Kane is a witch!!??
(that is why his skin is a strange colour compared to his Dad's)

Kip and Clover are NOT witches ... so why is he??!!
I can't remember a child inheriting an occult from a Grandparent before?!

This had me howling!!

AFTER all the fuss over the child support!!
Now that Lindsay is an adult ... she moves in with her Dad!!

One minute I'm laughing .... the next I am grossed out.

Family incest again ... Latisha is Reds Granddaughter and Erik is her Great Grandson
Her Dad is his Uncle
so how is there relationship okay??

Felix is getting a lot of attention from everyone ... including the paps

Kip was working at the police station.
He rolled the wish to be a self employed singer ... which is what his LTW is
so he quit his police job and is now a singer.

While Kip wants to get married ... he doesnt specifically say Clover.
Clover just is not wishing any Kip wishes .... they sleep in the same bed and that is it.

Potty training Kane

This tickled me
Chase is wearing apt footwear for that wet floor!!

Charlie is looking pleased with himself because he has just finished his first book.
£39 a week in royality he will be earning from it
He has got a long way to go to reach the £4,000 a week that he needs - lol

Enjoying their old age ... Long chats on the bed.

Felix is a wanderer ... and he has come home with fleas

Thankfully he let Candy bath him without any fuss or scratching!

Clarke is having his birthday and becoming a mature adult

Like his parents - he is NOT having a midlife crisis

Fleas gone ... lol

Clarke is hanging out with Ervin again

This is pretty much all that Saffron and Candy are doing with their old age IF they are not mauling each other!!  He is working out and she is gardening.

I am actually getting very BORED with Candy -
it is like she is content with her life, and doesn't feel the need to roll any wishes any more
I can't wait to move onto Door 2.

Kip teaches Kane to walk

World war three is breaking out with Kip and Clover already.
She came barging in from work and accused him of cheating!!

That is those two done even speaking to each other for weeks lol

I am not sure what they are doing at that school ... Chase is the second one to come home singed.

Felix is quite often away from home ... making friends with humans.
he hunts a lot on free will and his inventory is filling up with insects, animals, crispbags ...

he is on his way home to present a blue feather to Candy ... bless

Saffron has had his final promotion!!


Felix is not always a good cat!!
$300 it cost to put that scratched up mess right!!

The cat gives me something to watch when everyone is asleep - lol

He sleeps with Clarke a lot.

Charlie is stir crazy ... so he goes out to the local hang out with Clarke
They both need a love life!!  I am hoping they might meet someone here.

but I hear baby chimes coming from home ....
and I am SHOCKED that Kip and Clover have even managed to create another baby!!
They are hardly talking, she is still angry with him - so I can only imagine this was a stress provoked woohoo!

In contrast
These two are very cute together!!

Charlie did not stay at the hangout for very long, he came straight home.
He wants to start on his second book ... but he can't until he has repaired his broken laptop.
Nervously waiting for him to electrocute himself ... but he didn't!

She needs sacking ... she is one of the worst maids I have ever seen!!
She helps herself to ice cream after she has finished playing with Kane, while Clover tidied the dirty dishes away!!

Then the cheeky mare leaves the empty icecream tub on the table for someone else to clean away, while she gets her wages for doing NOTHING and takes off!!

Clarke is still there busking and earning some money - lol

Red is snivelling like she is broken hearted!!
I think maybe her husband Maize has passed away - but he hasn't - so I presume she is snivelling over Forrest as he passed away earlier today.  They had to be romantically attached to make so many babies together!!

Neil (Chad's second child) is now a child

Clarke randomly tries to cheer up his Grandma!


Bye Red!!

Poor Maize .... they have hardly been married for five minutes!!

Collecting his victims is thirsty work!!

and does Saffron care that his Mother has just passed away .... NO!!!

Chace is too quiet - mostly playing chess

Baby bump

Clarke is on another date with Ervin.

Celeste is not the elixir merchant any more ... she is an acrobat
smoking in the sun because she is a vampire who should not really be outside in the daytime.

Seriously!?  Only and day after Forrest passes away ... Caramel is moving on!!

Mustard was probably WAITING for Red to die ... because less than 12 hours later he is moving onto to his step-daughter!!!!

Kane is having his birthday

He gains the Mouch trait

Chace is also having his birthday

He gains the Over Emotional trait

LTW = World Renown Surgeon

He doesn't waste any time getting his job at the hospital

Kip is VERY busy ... he is doing a lot of Sing-o-grammes all day and night
so many, he has already shot up two levels of his career

Clover is thinking .... they get more action in one day than I do in a month!!

Candy and Saffron only have one day left on their life bar (gulp!)

7am in the morning Chace gets a date phone call - off Tonya.
She is STILL a teenager!!!

Phone back in four days love, when you grow up ... then he might be able to date you!!

Saved by graduation!!


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