Thursday, 12 October 2017

Candy - Door 1 - Update 15

Clarke is chatting with Ervin on line - which gets him rolling a wish to go on a date with him.

Chad and Erika are onto their third baby.

and shockingly I suspect Clover is expecting one too!!  Unwell because of unknown causes!!
She has no romantic interest - but I see she has a disgrace for public woohoo!!

Clover does tend to go wandering after work instead of coming straight home.  I guess I should have been watching her - because I have obviously missed what she is up to .. and WHO with - I don't know!!  Lol!!

Charlie is having his birthday

He gains the Artistic trait

Yeah - he definitely got Candy's ears - lol

LTW = Professional Author

Baby bump!!
Now I am wandering - who's baby is it!!

I could look on the woohoo skill, which will tell me who she has woohoo'd with - but she does not have the skill yet - so it is not available to look at - lol

Finally - Candy rolls a wish to meet someone new. So we get the chance to nosey at Chad's two boys.
Candy is yet to see Neil, the youngest one.

It was inevitable that they would have a houseful of cats with them both being Animal lovers.
I can see one adult and four kittens.

Erika is suffering from baby sick!!

and yes, you have seen this house before if you read Rainbow babies - because I used it for everyone in that challenge.  This house was actually made for and comes with this world, so you will be seeing a lot of it again.

Finally someone with Candy's hair!!

Neil is cute like his brother.

Erik is now a child

I am amused when Candy sits down and teaches Neil to talk ... playing the proper Grandma!!

Chad is chilling on the balcony

enjoying the view!!

Being a witch and around so many cats ... it had Candy rolling a wish for one.

So she did not leave Chad's empty handed

Felix is a boy
Traits = Proud and Hunter

All of the witches in the house now have a good moodlet from the cat.
Apparently cat's are supposed to improve a witches spells - but I have never seen any evidence of it.

Charlie is making a start on writing his first book, for his LTW.
He needs to earn $4,000 in book royalties to complete it

Chace is having his birthday

He gains the Ambitious trait

Saffron has had a promotion
He is now at level 9 of his career ... A Triple Agent.
If he works hard, he might just make it to the top and complete his LTW before he expires.

Clarke invites Ervin over for the date he wanted - they spent it in the bedroom.
They had an awesome date apparently - lmao!!

The baby bump is growing nicely.
I still don't have a clue who the baby Dad is ... Clover has not rolled any wishes that help me guess either.

Charlie is graduating today

He is Most likely never to leave home

Kip is also graduating today

I suspect he could be a candidate to be the babies Dad ... they are best friends
but it could be anyone if she has just jumped on the closest random male for woohoo to relieve work stress!!

Felix is having his birthday

Baby is coming

Kip is the one running into the hospital - lol

They come out with one blue little boy.


Traits = Brave and Friendly

and Dad is staying over.

Kip has now moved in ...

Saffron and Candy both want to see Clover married
but she is not wishing for that .... she wants to go on another date with Leon suddenly - lmao


It looks like Kip has been a very naughty boy - lol
three romantic interests and an ex girlfriend

Chase = "I'm watching you!!"

Yeah he is a bit of a dirt bag!!

Candy and Saffron only need one more Grandchild - they now have four.


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