Thursday, 12 October 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 14

Three days left before they become elderly ... I wander if we are going to get away without any more babies?!

Charlie is having his birthday

He gained the Vegitarian trait

straight back to his sofa - lol

Clarke is making me laugh.  He keeps passing out now when he is talking to Rosemary.
The conversations are that boring!!!

but the woohoo is awesome ... lmao

Chad and Erika have moved out of the house over the road and into a house that came free.
It looks like they are struggling!!

Saffron has had another promotion ... he is now a Special Agent
disguised as a chef - lol

 Chase did not get an IF doll like all his other brothers and sister, so he has been a lot more active.

Chace is having his birthday

He gains the Genius trait

Clover is having her birthday

She gains the Natural Cook trait

LTW = 5 Star Chef

Yes, Clover is a lot like Honey, Saffrons sister.

Rosemary seems to be stuck her.
She has been here for over two days, without being invited to stay, I think Clarke is getting a little annoyed with her now - the novelty of the good woohoo is wearing off!!
His mind has suddenly switched to Ervin.

Saffron and Candy have now both rolled the wish to have 5 grandchildren

Chase rolled a wish to buy an alchemy station .... not sure why, because he can't use it yet!!

He is a busy little boy - reading, painting and playing chess.

Clover now has a job at the Bistro

and she is graduating

Robbie is cute!

Most likely to be a Rock Star

I think they have got that dreadfully wrong!!

Greeting your brother like a stranger ....

and hugs for your friend!?

I seriously think the person working for EA who programmed all this - doesn't have a clue about what family is or even means!!!

Clover is getting to know Leon Sharpe


Those two crack me up!!

Clover wants to go on a date with Leon
so they go to the Bistro

One minute they are dip kissing outside the town hall
the next ....

Over the road at the park

Well you deserved that!!

That is a little up close and in your face!!!


I have to laugh ... Patterns is being his normal miserable doll self, he insults Candy for no reason.
So she casts the fire spell on him!!

I doubt he will be insulting her again.

Clarke is finally getting round to making that sink unbreakable.

Clarkes head is all over the place!!
He has forgotten about Rosemary.  He wants to go on a date with Ervin.
He also wants to go on a date with and invite Juniper over.

He rolls a wish to kiss Juniper - but if he wants to do that - he can do it himself.
She is married to Erika's brother, Monte, and they have three children.

Candy still hasn't managed to max her gardening skill yet

Charlie goes off to prom.
He was prom king and got into a fight - lol

Mulberry phoned Candy for a chat.
By the end of the call she had made friend number 20!!

Life Time Wish = COMPLETED!!

Just in time for her birthday!!

Elderly Candy

Saffron's face!!

Now it is his turn

They think there is only one way to celebrate ... lol
At least I dont have to worry about them making any more children!!

Clarke is on a roll - he now wants to upgrade 5 things.

Saffron is not letting old age faze him ... his is working out more than ever now.

I swear Ervin is stalking Clarke.
The constant love letters that he keeps sending Clarke, and this is the second time that I have seen him just standing on the garden for no reason.

Clarke did want to invite him over - so I sent him out to talk to him.

Flirting and stuff!!

Candy has finally Maxed her gardening skill!!

What the ....?!
Clarke has just got himself a Naughty Reputation
because he now has two romantic interests

I told you his head was all over the place!!!

I check his gender preference = Female = 50004  Male = 50004
exactly the same so I think he is bisexual!

Somehow Ervin and Clarke are now on a date!!

I got Clover to ask him about his gender preference.

I thought as much!!!  He is bisexual.
He is going to be so unpredictable and all over the place until he has found the love of his life .. if he ever does!!!

Now she has no gardening skill to max, friends or babies to make.Candy's wishes start to become a little more interesting again, as well as random.

She wants to win a prize from the arcade machine = so she goes out to play on one.

LMAO .... the photobooth!!

and you might guess who!!!
Cello and Mallow!

Then she wants to go to the library.

Crimson is now elderly

The whole town suddenly seems to be elderly.
(My fault ... I threw a load of young adult sims into the town - not thinking about them all aging and dying all at the same time - cringe!!)

This must be an old person thing ... reading in the library - lol!!

Ashley invites Candy to a costume party.
I feel like they are taking the pee ... she is the only guest and the only one in a costume.
She didn't stay long.

All of the four Keaton boys (except Larry) have children elseswhere and like Forrest they are getting hammered for Child Support.
(This is my fault again - when I set the town up - I obviously didn't leave enough empty houses - because there are constant pop ups about them all wanting to move in with their partners but there are no houses available cringe!!)

Charlie is a slob and quite often licks all the plates clean

Saffron wants to buy something over £1,000 so they finally get a decent cooker.
(It is a little mad that spending money wishes have been very rare!)

Candy is keeping herself occupied while Saffron is at work

I am not sure how Charlie ended up singed.
He came home from school like it.

Old age Red

FINALLY ... he gets it!!


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