Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 4

I have just worked out why she was sick the other day, after watching her pulling pancakes out of the fridge. 
She used plasma fruit in her inventory to make plasma pancakes ... so that is why she was sick!

Now this time it is baby sick ....

Crimson has sent Candy another love letter and a gift ....

 A games console ... shame she does not have a television yet!!

Candy manages to get another days work in before the baby bump arrives. 
She has a promotion and is now a Fitting Room Guard

There seems to be a lot of pregnant people in this town at the moment ...

Mallow ... and Viola Sharp is wearing maternity clothes

and you might guess ... Red, the baby machine is never happy unless she has a baby bump brewing!!

She starts to speak to Liam, but they were interuped by Mallow who is creating a commotion

Mallow's baby is coming (cough)

Mitchel comes over to talk to Candy

Seriously, the town bike is off .... when Candy moves away from Mitchel to speak to Ashley, Red swoops in and starts flirting with Mitchel

as well as throwing flower kisses at him!
She embarrasses me!!

Candy joins in on the hype and sprouts her baby bump.

Saffron has turned up, with his Brothers and Sister, so she gets to tell him about the pregnancy.
He looked a little ... uninterested!!

but hey ... the damage is done so lets just have some more fun!!

Candy got her first public disgrace for Public woohoo after this trip into the photobooth with Saffron.

Colby Leaf is sat alone in the park ... Forrest and Caramel love leaving that little boy on the floor while they go off and do other stuff

Candy is now on maternity leave so she needs to do some painting and sell fruit and veg to keep some money coming in ... she has some baby stuff to buy

I see Cello and Mallow over the road coming back from the hospital with two new additions to the family.

Cello was carrying a girl and Mallow a boy, so they have had twins.

Crimson, obviously doesn't realise what his brother has done to his best friend yet!  He is still constantly phoning Candy and has sent her another love letter in the post.

Candy still has the wants to make 10 friends wish, so she goes to the local hang out to try and make some.

She gets to know Mustard a little by playing with him on the arcade machine, but they didn't actually speak to each other.

Being a celebrity is a pain sometimes, constantly being followed, photographed and watched.

Her public disgrace is not helping her to make any new friends because everyone keeps heckling her, so coming out while she has that hanging over her head, was probably not such a good idea.

Like with Mustard, she played with Turmeric, but they didn't speak.

Cello is making his own entertainment!
I notice he has left Mallow at home looking after the two new babies while he is out and having fun.

Only Carlton did not seem bothered about Candy's public disgrace, and hanging out together, they made good friends before the night was over.

She now has 7 friends

Cute, when it is not even his baby!!

an unhygienic mess, that she really needs to clean up before the baby comes!!

The baby trying to make an appearance, put a holt to the gardening.

She chose to go to the hospital so of course, Saffron managed to put in an appearance.

One little baby boy

Candy rolls the wish to get married on the way home ...
so I guess we are snagging Saffron as he is going home with her.

As soon as she had settle the baby down, she got to work on her marriage wish.

engaged and married quickly

So she is not going to be a single Mother after all!!

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