Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 3

Candy is having a laugh and gossip with Delta.
Let's hope for Anton's sake it is not about his performance in the photo booth - lol!

Candy wanders over to ask Red for her autograph, after she has woken her up from napping on the lounger.
Doing this makes Candy a 2 star celebrity.

I am beginning to worry about how quickly she is making friends with women compared to men.  Like with Celeste, Candy makes friends with Red rapidly!!

They share 3 traits and a star sign ... so they become the best of friends almost instantly.
Becoming good friends with Red has jumped her up another star, so she is now a 3 star celebrity.

She bumps into Mitchell who starts to flirt with Candy ... but it didn't go anywhere, because she had to rush off.

Ashley invites Candy to his party ....
Where she gets to meet the last of the four brothers, Aaron

Crimson is at the party and distracted her for the whole time playing his guitar.

and flirting with her

It was basically her, Crimson and the little girl, Lilly Sharpe and Lucky at the party.
The four Keaton boys amused me by sleeping through the party ... in sleeping bags.

On the way out she bumped into Red and had a chat ... they are now best friends!!

This totally cracked me up!!!
Candy received her first date phone call ... from Marty.
She is young, free and single ... so why not!

It is all very cloak and dagger .... she meets Marty behind the Bistro, where nobody can see them.
Yes Marty you sneak ... you are a married man!!

Seriously what is the point of phoning Candy for a date, when he snubs her and won't even talk to her because he is a five star celebrity and she is not celebrity enough!!

His autograph was all she could get out of him.

Trying to impress Marty, so that he would at least talk to her, she name drops ......
The look on his face when she tells him she is his wife's best friend!!!

Marty = "I don't know what you are even doing here!!  I thought I was phoning my wife and must have called you by mistake!!"

Yeah right Marty, pull the other one!!!

Saved by the bell ... Crimson phones her for a chat
and Marty literally does a runner through the bushes and he is gone!!

I get the feeling, he is not going to get away with it!!  He is going to have a public disgrace tomorrow,  probably for cheating, because there was a paparazzi watching them!!

Candy hasn't had a lot of time to do much painting yet, too busy distracted with making friends.
She has now rolled a wish to have 8 friends.

I keep seeing both Red and Forrest constantly going in and out of the Ugli house over the road and I wander what they are both up to!!

Talk of the devil and she bumps into Forrest at the hang out, on her mission to make more friends.

Three of the Ugli family come in shortly after
Carlton and Monte come in with there Dad Mallow.

Now that she is a three star celebrity, people are coming over to socialise with her.
So I expect she will make a lot more friends quickly now.

She discovers that Mallow is married to Cello.
Yeah, the cute ones are always spoken for.

She seems to like Carlton she wants to become good friends with him.

Monte, Carltons brother, she is not so keen on, there weren't even any heart farts.

Candy wants to reach Level 6 gardening, so her garden is getting a lot of attention at the moment.  She is managing to earn some extra money by selling the fruit and veg.

Pregnant man alert (cringe)

I give up with game sometimes - lol - it has a mind of its own, because that shouldn't be happening!!

Candy visits the Shine's house because Crimson phoned asking her to hang out.

I think Crimson might be slowly moving in on Candy, because he phones her constantly and sent her a love letter in the post this morning.

She wants to know Saffrons star sign.
Forget that one Candy ... he is gay!

I am very surprised that Candy has not started any romantic wishes yet, especially where Crimson is concerned.

He is doing a lot of flirting and amorous hugging.

Crimson goes off and starts painting so Candy starts to chat with someone online ...

but not for long, because in swoops Saffron, and Candy's wishes start rolling like a slot machine.

She wants to date Saffron

and kiss him for the first time

Sorry Crimson, your were too slow and brother has beaten you to it!!

Okay, so maybe Saffron is not going to be gay in this life!!

Ooops now Candy has just given herself something to worry about .... becoming a single Mother!!

Baby Chimes coming from the shower!!


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  1. That's a bad piece of CC, probably in the pants category. Pregnant men without maternity wear are invisible from the neck down.