Sunday, 24 September 2017

Candy Door 1 - Update 2

The joys of wishacy ....

Candy is not a tidy person and is already stinking up the house with dirty plates that she can not be bothered to clean up!!

Candy wants to learn Alchemy, which means she has to go to the consignment store, where there is an Alchemy station. 

While she is researching Alchemy, she rolls a wish to meet a vampire ....
probably because there is one not too far away from her.

Celeste, the Elixir Merchant.

Amazingly, they made friends rapidly ... they both have the Friendly and Genius traits.
After only a short natter they are giving each other friendly hugs.

She wanted to buy a music box, so she gets to meet Mulberry Orchid the Consignment Merchant.

After buying the music box, she is straight back to Celeste

She wants to give Celeste a gift
So after buying one from Plum, the food merchant (who I forgot to take a picture of) - she gives Celeste a plasma fruit

That is when they discover they have a clashing trait ... Loves and Hates the Outdoors.

Their clashing trait does not do them any harm .... she has now made her second friend!!

She wants to make an elixir, so she makes a vial of bliss and buys a few thinks to plant because she wants to learn the gardening skill.

Crimson has phoned her a few times for a chat - so they are now the best of friends.

Making a start on her garden ... which will help to bring in extra money along with her paintings, because managing on a part time wage, is going to be hard.

Candy now wants to learn the writing skill.  Not having a computer yet, she goes off to the library to use one, and starts to write a book.

and there she is ... I spot Red running past through the library window.
Knowing Red, she is probably running away from something she shouldn't have done!!

I am amused when the Leaf family come into the library.  Forrest, his wife Caramel, their daughter Mint and the newest addition to the family, a baby boy.

The baby is dumped on the floor and left there.

Until he needs feeding, which Forrest does, then dumps him back on the floor and goes back to reading his book!!

Saffron and Maize Shine are also in the library, but Candy did not speak to anyone, too busy writing her fiction book.

Finally Candy's first day at work comes around.

When she gets home from work, she gets a phone call off Crimson and Mitchell.

She now has 3 friends (Crimson, Celeste and Mitchell)

Candy wanted to buy a computer, so she got a cheap lap top, which she used to write some more of her book.

She still has the 5 friends wish locked in so she goes over to the hangout, to try and make more friends.

She meets Ashley, but like his brother he is a celebrity and snubs her at first

She has to impress him first ... so she talks about her skills

Her painting skill impressed him because he too has the Artistic trait.
Candy gained herself a celebrity star and Ashley started talking to her.

They spent the rest of the night together chatting and playing bowls.

You wouldn't know Ashley is a plant sim if he didn't leave flower trails everywhere.

Yeah Ashley won ... lol

Marty bowling in the next lane, spent most of his time flat on his face!!

After eating Candy tried to speak to Hesper, he turned out to be another grumpy doll!!

Back to Ashley ....

She now has four friends

The deers have eaten half of her plants when she gets back

Candy wants to learn the social networking skill.
So she starts to send out friendly texts to everyone she has met so far.

I am not sure why she is even being sick!!!
She hasn't eaten anything bad and there is no other reason for why she is not feeling good.


Coming out of work, Candy meets Pineapple.

She has been working hard today ... too hard because she is miserable, as stressed as hell and needs some fun.

One of the things I love most about wishacy - clicking on their bad moodlet gets them doing something to cure that bad moodlet.  Without you telling them what to do - they chose how they are going to fix their problem.

Clicking on the stressed moodlet is always very unpredictable  ....

Ignoring Pineapple who she is standing with, Candy decides to cure her stress by jumping straight onto Anton for woohoo

Risky woohoo .... I'm cringing!!!
Stress cured!!

Mr 3 star celebrity, who has blanked her already, just walks away with a smile on his face.

She is good enough to woohoo with, but not good enough to talk to because she is not celebrity enough!!!

He won't be smiling tomorrow when he gets a public disgrace for public woohoo!!


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