Sunday, 24 September 2017

Candy - Door 1 - Update 1

DOOR 1 - Update 1

Oh yeah and I maybe forgot to mention, Candy is a witch!
I chose witch because that occult does not give her any extended life, like vampires and fairies.

Candy goes off to get herself a part time job at the local Spa.
She will now be working 5 days a week from 3pm to 6pm.

Candy has three days before she has to start work, which will give her the chance to explore the town and make some friends.

She bumps into the Childs family, who are genies, and hanging around outside the Spa.

She goes over to talk to Mitchell.
She rolls a wish to become friends with Mitchell, but he takes off before she has a chance to talk to him.

Cute kittens playing together!
Being a witch I expected her to roll a wish for a cat, but she didn't.

Hello Marty!!
You always know when the Keaton family are around, because there are flowers all over the floor

Candy goes over to speak to Adam, but he is a 3 star celebrity and snubs her.

Nobody else around to talk to so she goes home, to learn the painting skill.

Candy wants to meet someone new and make friends with someone, so she heads to the local hangout so that she can meet some new people.

First she speaks to Delta Wave, who didn't hang around, as he needed the toilet.

She wanders over to speak to Patterns Swan

The Swan family are a collection of four Real IF dolls, from my Swan Wishacy.

Things were going okay, until Patterns started to insult her.
It doesn't look like she is making a friend there!!!

So she tries to talk to Lucky.
She might be heart farting but when Candy asked her how her day is, Lucky got narky and refused to answer her question!!

These IF dolls, seem to be very grumpy!!

Candy is not having a good time making friends, so she goes off and starts to spend money, that she can not afford to be wasting right now ... especially as she has 3 days before work starts!!

$10 she threw away on the Skee Ball machine

She wanders over to the slot machine and I am thinking, at $100 a roll - here we go, she is about to make herself bankrupt and won't have any money left to pay the bills when they land.

Luckily she won $5,000 ... so she can relax until her wages start coming in.

Even after her jockpot win on the slots, she goes home to bed feeling miserable.

At the moment she is all about her Life Time Wish ... meeting new people and making friends.
So she has not had a very successful day ... she is still friendless.

The next day she wants to go to the park ... and meet new people - lol
The park is empty when she gets there, so she plays with magic.
It didn't take long before the park started to fill up with people.

The Shines, Ugli's and Turmeric arrive.

Crimson comes over to talk to her.
They hit it off straight away, they share a star sign and a few traits.

Neither of them like what is happening in the hot tub ....

Turmeric and Saffron are both skinny dipping

Goofy grins

I am howling ... Saffron is now walking around the park totally naked.

They stand there for hours chatting.
I am not sure what the peace sign is all about!

Candy has now made her first friend!!

Which gets her rolling the wish to make 5 friends.

Candy goes off to play chess, ignoring Cello who is sat there already reading a book.

Even though Candy was in the park all day, she didn't speak to anyone else, she just played chess.
It was only the demonstration starting in the park, that dragged her away from the chess table.

Forrest you rebel!!!

and I told you I would be sim watching ....

I spot Caramel (Forrest's wife) coming out of the hospital and I see she already has a baby bump growing ... they didn't waste any time - lol!!

Hugs for her best and only friend before she leaves the park and goes home to bed.


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