Sunday, 24 September 2017

Sliding Doors Candy Intro

This is Candy Cane, who I am going to attempt to test out The Sliding Doors Challenge with.
The rules for which can be found >>> HERE <<<

Candy is not the prettiest of sims, with her oversized ears, eyes, nose and mouth, but in this world, she is nothing unusual, as you will soon see.

For this challenge, Candy will be getting three shots at her life her way (played the Wishacy way) ... so you will see her life played three times over.

Candy Cane

Super Popular
(So she will need to make 20 good friends)

Family Orientated - Artistic - Genius - Friendly - Loves the Outdoors
Grilled Samon - Rock - Yellow

This is where she will be living ... Castaway Island
which is one of my own CAW built worlds.

As the island is very sandy and tropical (ish) ... I will be playing with only one season, Summer, and all the weather and full moon are turned off.

The lifespan I am using is a "normal" one - Babies 2 days - Toddlers 5 days - Children 7 days - Teens 7 days - Young Adults 25 days - Adults 25 days - Elderly 20 days.

This is where Candy will be living.
After building her starter home, she has £1,000 left in her family fund.

As you can see it is very basic and sparse at the moment, but she can improve it when and if she needs to, and of course if she can afford it.

I have filled the world with all of my own CAS and born in game Rainbow, Ugli and supernatural sims - some of who you will have seen before.  So I will not only be watching Candy, I will also be watching them too.

And yes, my horrible simself, Red is in this world with Marty, in their plant sim form, with my favourite family.  They have four boys, Ashley, Aaron, Anton and Adam, who look human, but all four of them are actually fully working plants.  They MIGHT turn into fully looking plants when they age up - the game does that sometimes, and other times they stay human.

(And if you want to know why they are not normal plant sims ... Marty was a human when they were born, back when plant sims first came into the game.  Plant sims could not have babies, not even with the help of mods at the time, however, Red must have been glitchy, and she found a way to have four normal pregnancies and babies when other plant sims could not reproduce.)

Red also has four other children in this worlds from my rainbowacy.  Three of her boys, Crimson, Maize and Saffron, who I couldn't include in the rainbow baby challenge, and Scarlet, who I have kept hidden for story reasons until now.

Yes I waffle!!

So lets get to it >>>>>>>>>> Candy's Door 1


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