Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Candy Door 3 - Update 3

That is exactly how I feel about that damn sink ...
annoyed with it CONSTANTLY breaking!

Candy wants to learn the writing skill, so she writes a book
by the time she had finished it, she was at level 3 and the book is earning her $37 a week in royalties.

Mr fix it is straight onto that broken tap!

He is on a roll ... edible food

Really I am not surprised Jude wants to hire a maid .. he is constantly having to tidy up after Candy.
However, they can not really afford a maid right now - so he will have to continue being Mrs Mop.

$183 she earned for this painting
She has just been promoted to "Paint Brush Patsy" which is Level 4 in the painting career.

Jude seems more interested in his LTW ... guitar and painting.
His cooking skills he doesn't even think of - so his work performance is not increasing very fast.

Candy is constantly getting phone calls from both T and Saffron for chats and dates.

I didn't know unicorns farted rainbows, did you?!

$76 she earned for this one

Baby is coming

Candy autonomously went to the hospital, which triggered Jude to leave work and join her there.

She comes out with the dreaded basket!!

a witch boy

a human girl

a witch girl

Triplets Huh!

Dad has a cuddle with all three babies then drags Candy off to try and make the next!!
(He had at least six children that I know to in Door 2 ... so I am already watching him)

Its a good job my mind word quicker than his ....
Try for baby = OFF
They only now have Risky available to them ... he! he!


Traits = Athletic - Brave


Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Brave


Traits = Friendly - Easily Impressed

HOW CUTE are those three toddlers!!!!!

Next to Jude Jessie looks more purple - but I think that is the witch occult messing with her skin colour.

and we have a cute clingy Dad!!

Yes we can see you are happy ... lol

$120 she earned for this one
It is a sylized painting of the dolls house.

Jude now has 4 days off work which is going to be handy with teaching the triplets their skills ... especially as Jude is rolling the skill teaching wishes a lot quicker than Candy is.

Yeah they all recieved IF dolls.

Josies = Peaches (boy)
Jessies = Pal (boy)
Jakes = Rags (girl)

Painting Sushi must be making him hungry - lol

There is a constant stream of Toddler training

They keep trying but it is not happening!
Most of the time they are using Risky.

Three sleeping Angels ... Four if you count Dad!!

$135 she earned for this painting

Candy wants to learn the gardening skill .... so she is off planting her garden

She goes out for a while, because she wants to collect 5 wild flowers.
She sold them and made over $2,000

Little witch

You be careful Candy!!  Emptying the potty chair is classed as housework!!

That painting is horrible!!
The only reason it is on the wall (for now) is to fulfil both Candy and Judes wish of deocrating the house with 2 paintings.

£124 for this painting

$290 for this one

Sammy, the visiting cat, is investigating Candy

They must be able to smell witches!!

You are now about to get a lesson (in this update and the next)

(Sammy belongs to Cello and Mallow and lives over the road)

Sammy lets himself in after he has hung around Candy for a while.

Sammy smells Jessie is another witch

The cat keeps thinking about being hungry ....
so down goes a pet dish, so that he can eat.

Candy is not leaving Sammy alone

The cat is marking Candy.
They become BFF's quite quickly.

More playing with the cat while she leave Jude to do all the skill teaching!!

Yes, Jake is a witch too

Tired from all the playing and attention he has been getting - Sammy curls up on the side and goes to sleep.
He shows no intention of going home.

Well blow me down!!!
After spending ALL DAY playing with that cat and paying hardly any attention to the triplets .... she takes Jake into the bedroom on free will and finishes off his walking!!

Now Sammy is awake, he is scratching up the furniture - tut!!

After letting him invade the house and feeding him!
That is gratitude for you!!!


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