Monday, 30 October 2017

Candy Door 3 - Update 2

Candy is having fun in the park watching Cello and Pineapple skinny dipping.

She TRIES to pinch Cello's clothes after she has nabbed Pineapples, but he clocks her doing it.

Taxi to the moon!!

Nice towel Pineapple!!

I was just thinking, Red has been very quiet and well behaved so far ...
when Candy flies past her on her broom stick on the way home.

Of course she has a Baby bump!!

Love letter for Jude.

Who needs to go to the beach for a paddle, when you can do it in your own kitchen!!

$22 she earned for this painting

FIX THE SINK ... then you wouldn't need to spend the night mopping up the flood!!

Candy is supposed to be out with Jude, but he calls off the get together after she has already arrived.
So she makes do playing fuzzball with Patterns.

This doll is so grouchy!!
I think he has the hotheaded trait

Insult forgotten!
They go outside to play catch.

The newly weds are being sappy

and Candy has a party to go to!

Turmeric lives with Mustard and JUDE!!

Haven't you already done that?!
They both have the same favourite colour too ... Yellow.

Candy now wants to fall in love with Jude as well as kiss him.
So he packs his bags and goes home with Candy.

Traits = Love the Outdoors - Neat - Handy - Dare Devil - Artistic
LTW = Master of the Arts

$5,000 Jude brought with him.

The minute that he walks through the door he wants to fix that broken tap ... woohoo!!

No Saffron ... Candy is not going on a date with you!!
Go and ask your wife!!

I am trying to be clever here and delay the baby train that is probably coming.
So I am leaving them to get romantic and fall in love under their own steam.

With two artistic sims in the house .... we need at least three easels!!

It seems he has managed to tame his plant ... for now!!
It has taken him 3 lives to have more babies with that woman - lmao!!


Now that Jude has moved in I can tell you his story.
Jude was born into my rainbow files from an alien abduction ... Jazzberry, who is a vampire, copped for the alien pregnancy.

Jude turned out a very human looking clone of his Dad with alien eyes and all the alien abilities.  He didn't inherit the vampire occult.
I have not really been paying any attention to Jude during this challenge ... So I was very surprised the first time Candy spoke to him properly in this life.  I noticed he has orange eyes instead of the black alien ones and he is human and not alien anymore.  I'm not sure how and when that happened - somewhere between my library and this game I guess.

This has annoyed me a little, and it is a shame because  he SHOULD be alien and we could have had part alien babies in this life - but it is not to be.

This has made me think suddenly ... WHY have I not been getting supernatural occults in this challenge - it has only just dawned on me that none of the sims in town are changing occults!!
Runs off to double check SP!!


Jude works at the diner ... and he is yet to get the cooking skill

Candy: "Remind me never to go to the diner to eat!!"

And that is what he thinks of his own cooking ...
he leaves it on the side and grabs cereal instead!!

and this is what I imagined ... the constantly painting couple!

$53 she earned for this one

T: "You haven't seen Jude have you, we seem to have lost him."
Candy:   "Yeah ... I've kidnapped him."

The burnt offerings are catching!!

While Jude is at work, Candy vandalises the lawn wanting to learn the Street Art skill

I'm being nosey when I spot a happy looking Keaton family going into the gym with one of the triplets.

Stressed out Jude comes back from work and decides to hurry things along.
So much for me trying to be clever and delay the baby train!!

Baby Chimes (tut!)

Calm down!!!  lol

There is always one that hogs all the easels with half finished paintings!!
It is amusing that Jude has the same painting going on both easels!

I am amused that I can now see Edwin constantly working out through the gym window.

$123 for this painting

Baby sick

The normal minging kitchen!!

but not for long!!

I love Jude already ....
Mr Neat and Handy ... he has the kitchen sparkling in no time!
We should have a tidy house this time!

$135 for this one

Candy is doing all the celebrity opportunities to earn some extra cash.

Edwin has lost a TONNE of weight ... probably because of all the working out he is doing.

This cat is really bugging me.  It's name is Evil Genius Newton.
This cat was constantly creating SP pop ups in door 2 because of his hunting antics
I thought the Newton Genies owned him - but he is a stray.

Candy wants to brush the cat, but it didn't make her wish for one.

This kitten is Hanna and she belongs to the Childs family
She is out with Mitchell.

Hungry Candy picks garlic up off the floor and eats it.

Garlic breath!!
I wouldn't go kissing Jude just yet if I was you!!

It is probably a good job Jude has decided to hang around outside the diner playing his guitar!!

I am really not sure how but Candy and Jude are already 2 star celebrities.

Baby bump

$159 she earned for this one

Baby dreams

Candy tells him about the baby bump ... but he already knows because he wants to read a pregnancy book.

I think heat of the moment kisses must be Judes thing .. he is always doing it!!

More burnt offerings!!
He seriously needs to quit his job!!  Cooking is definitely not his thing!!

Pattern's phones Candy for a chat.

Pattern is her 4th friend.


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